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How to Install the DigiByte One Click Miner on most Home/Gaming Computers! Its never been easier to start Mining Crypto Currency! The first thing your going to need to do is sign up for a Mining Pool. MINING POOLS https://dgbskein.miningfield.com/ https://dgbs.suprnova.cc/ http://digihash.co/ https://dgb-skein.theblocksfactory.com/ Download One Click Miner Here- https://www.minedigibyte.com/downloads Digibyte Wallet Downloads https://www.digibyte.co/digibyte-wallet-downloads Follow the Steps in the video above! If you have any questions come check out the DigiByte Mining Telegram! https://t.me/dgbmining WIN FREE $DGB!!! Post a screenshot of you using the DigiByte One Click Miner on Twitter and hash tag #DigibyteOneClickMiner @patwielandLIVE and Ill pick some winners to send $DGB To!
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Patrick Wieland (8 months ago)
WIN FREE $DGB!!! Post a screenshot of you using the DigiByte One Click Miner on Twitter and hash tag #DigibyteOneClickMIner @patwielandLIVE and Ill pick some winners to send $DGB To! Find out more information about the DigiByte One Click Miner- https://www.minedigibyte.com/
Karl Netzler (6 months ago)
This promotion still active?
Carlos Romero Pedroza (22 days ago)
buenas me sale este error al minar.... GPU#0:Unsupported compute capability device. Ignoring.... que debo hacer? gracias.
Don Corl (23 days ago)
Way to fast and this is not a STEP BY STEP video. WTF?
Don Corl (23 days ago)
Step by step? dude it's really hard
Mikey Gunnzz (1 month ago)
Do you think I would get the same amount of dgb with this as using awesome miner with profit switching and auto Exchange
kylian wesbeek (2 months ago)
I dont think it is correct what it says of hashrate It says i do 3500MH/s Using 1x gtx 1080 TI (OC) 1 amd readion rx 470
Mark Palmer (2 months ago)
How to install on Ubuntu?
The Best Channel Ever (2 months ago)
Dude, do you anwser questions?
The Best Channel Ever (2 months ago)
Patrick Wieland (2 months ago)
Tantrum much? You asked a question and I answered it
The Best Channel Ever (2 months ago)
Patrick Wieland And that my good sir, is how you get unsubscribed
Patrick Wieland (2 months ago)
Paulfl (2 months ago)
Now try and explain that to someone who is not computer literate. I would love for you and I to make this video and let me ask questions as we go along. But I think the video would take a LONG time to complete.
Price Action Tracker (3 months ago)
not working. No hahsrate and the miner window keeps flashing ;-(
luemmel1202 (3 months ago)
dont work, miner says "Downloading 0%" all the time!
Eduardo Huerta (3 months ago)
Dude you talk to fast! Slow down.
xSpaceAce (3 months ago)
Its still too complicated and not suitable for mass adoption. All PC wallets (that share the full blockchain and support the network this way) of all cryptos should simply have a mining start/stop button. This is also the best way to further decentralize cryptos. Mobile wallets should be able to work without downloading the full blockchain to save time and space on the device. Therefore no mining support required here.
Daniel S (3 months ago)
Can you help me? The miner can't seem to connect to the skein server. I even tried opening port 9002.
can you use digibyte miner on mac or linux ??
Dextroverse Memories (3 months ago)
anyway to lower the amount of power it pulls from my 6850? my gpu core is at 90% and my temps are hitting 90 celsius, scary
Parisign (3 months ago)
Thanks for the video Patrick... I followed your instructions step by step but when i update all the info now when i hit the start button the DOS window flickers on and off... basically starting and restarting in a split second... before i updated the settings it did not do this... Any advice?
Patrick Wieland (3 months ago)
Hey! Yea hard to say. Check out the DGB mining telegram! Lots of great people to help you https://t.me/dgbmining
Jiji Joly (3 months ago)
How do I install it in ubuntu ? There is no config file
Daniel Chang (3 months ago)
So now I got the program up and running in MS-DOS but I don't see any hash rate in the "workers" section and also, I don't see "OK" next to any of the command logs of date/times in DOS. "[2018-07-19 08:24:46] skein block 6984163, diff 276350.183" should have "OK" to the right of it yet I don't see anything there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Daniel Chang (3 months ago)
I just tried setting up the miner to no avail. It seems I can make an account for the TBS but I can't join any pools at all. I also went to the forum and there is about a month and a half's worth of unanswered posts regarding the "dying/dead" pool and issues recieving owed coins. Is this no longer an option? All the recent posts are troubling and even more troubling is the fact that not a single post is being answered.
Dale Merwin (4 months ago)
Looks like I'm trying to mine but the .exe says: [10:29:22] Pool 0 stale share detected, discarding [10:30:20] Pool 0 stale share detected, discarding I let it run this way for a few hours and there isn't any accumulation of DGB so it appears I have something wrong in my set up?
Patrick Wieland (4 months ago)
Dale Merwin (4 months ago)
Update: I was assisted in a chat group. I had my intensity set to high so when I back off I started getting accepted blocks instead of just getting passed by thus the "discarding" message.
Patrick Wieland (4 months ago)
Yea something wrong there. Check out the DGB mining telegram! Lots of great people to help you https://t.me/dgbmining
Dan Anthony (4 months ago)
How is this an easy one click setup. Really misleading.
Patrick Wieland (4 months ago)
Have you tried to install a miner before
D H (4 months ago)
Cannot GET /workers/
the told you so (4 months ago)
What about mining with an asic
Prison Mike (4 months ago)
Dan Rom need help?
Listen and Learn English (4 months ago)
does this work with a cpu?
RealHealthNews (5 months ago)
What a nonsense, 2h wasted with this shit, doesn't even work.
Patrick Wieland (5 months ago)
What doesn’t work? I know lots of people running it for months no issues
Imre Csoka (5 months ago)
How does the memory lowering help because i think i tried this but my hash rate seems to be the same, i dont think i fully understand. Thanks. I am currently using 2 GTX 1060 cards. As for AMD i use RX470 but i have only had endless issues using SGMiner and the likes, another long issue and still in search for somebody to assist me remotely/
Limited Edition TV (4 months ago)
Imre Csoka it helps because your cards arent working as hard and using less power therefore making you more profit per/mh
Andrew McLaughlin (5 months ago)
My computer will not allow the miner to download lol, I even told it to allow the download and it finally downloaded but it would not let it run Bc it swears it’s a Trojan virus
RealHealthNews (5 months ago)
what a nightmare
Ron Pierce (5 months ago)
The mining pool that you refer too in your videos is not working. Seems that the site is no longer working. Are you having the same issue?
Shawn's Silver Stacking (5 months ago)
By the way, does Digihash.co pool just automatically pay out to your DGB wallet address once you mine a minimum of 100 coins or how does that work. There is no where on their website that explains how they will pay, it just says minimum payout 100 coins. Pretty much no info about that.
CryptoFett (5 months ago)
Having an issue where when I open it keeps trying to download cgminer when I want to mine. Wondering if it's my antivirus software stopping it from successfully mining.
CryptoFett (5 months ago)
Figured it out. It's like you said the Anti-Virus software on the computer can throw it off.
Patrick Wieland (5 months ago)
Sounds like it
DettoX (5 months ago)
The one click miner doesn't work. I cannot access my pool account and modify my worker name.
Oliver Gallaugher (6 months ago)
Hi Patrick. Amazing work congrats! Do you know what the best hardware is to mine dgb in terms of cost ratio? I'm new to mining and was wondering if an asic dragon mint T1 would be better than a gtx 1080 or other GPU? Best! Oliver
Patrick Wieland (6 months ago)
Yea those ASIC s can be a beast compared to GPU. Depends on the coin I guess. I’m not the best person to ask
Matt Peters (6 months ago)
update this process please.. when I click on "pool account" it takes me to a new website, https://dgbskein.miningfield.com
Jeanette Nielsen (6 months ago)
I followed this step by step but when I press "pool account" in the one click miner, it opens a an error page in my browser saying : "Cannot GET /workers/DFVsFBiKuaL5HM9NWZgdHTQecLNit6tX5Y" Anyone know how to fix it?
Roy van Kester (6 months ago)
Hi Patrick, I'm thinking about to start mining Digibyte. According to my calculations i will mine like 30 DGB per day (x30) = 900 per month. Looking at the amount of electricity that i have to spent when the computer is on for 24H/day it will be € 30,- per month. Now the rate of DGB is € 0.034, so over 900 DGB per month thats like € 30,60. It looks like that i can just better buy them at an exchange instead of mining by myself. What do you think...?
Karl Netzler (6 months ago)
Can i bittrex account to receive?
Antonioredy Damian (6 months ago)
to fast explaining...i thinnk you are not enough god
Wakko Warner (3 months ago)
speed yourself up by going to settings > speed up 1.5x
Crypto Big News (4 months ago)
Easy, just go to the right bottom of the video, click settings, and set the speed to 0.75. Cheers to you^
cdffiremantuu (6 months ago)
I agree
Honey Narang (6 months ago)
hi Patrick I am trying to mine dgb with one click winner however the windows defender is blocking to run the one click minner...Kindly suggest asap
Patrick Wieland (6 months ago)
You have to go into the defender and allow the app. It flags the ccminer as a virus
A jones (7 months ago)
hello great video dude im currently using a msi all in one gaming pc with a nvivia gtx960m and only getting 100mh/s does that sound about right it seems quite low thanks for any advice dude
Patrick Wieland (7 months ago)
Yea sounds about right for 960
Chris Dawe (7 months ago)
I just started to mining digibyte.I have followed every steps as you told in the video.But my worker getting big invalid hahsrate more than the valid hahsrate. But miner is running good.
Patrick Wieland (7 months ago)
Make sure you are using your "username". "workername" you need both
Zolo Enid (7 months ago)
just posted my one click miner to twitter. would love to know if there will be any updates to how many coins i've mined, suggested difficulty rating to optimism performance based on rig. all these would be super useful tools to this awesome noob friendly miner! would love to hear feedback
Phil Abercrombie (7 months ago)
@Patrick Wieland Is it possible to use my EXODUS Digibyte wallet address in your oneclick miner as username as instructed in your video? Or do I need to open another wallet and the send coins into my Exodus wallet? Thanks in advance...
Patrick Wieland (7 months ago)
Thanks Phil!
Phil Abercrombie (7 months ago)
Thank You for quick reply, great work and great video's Kudo's from Canada!
Patrick Wieland (7 months ago)
You have the Exodus beta wallet? Should work fone
Melbourne Shorts (7 months ago)
Does this work for MAC? i tried again from GitHub and i cannot run the .exe file from MAC? Any mac options?
Electroneum (7 months ago)
I've have followed your steps, but I'm not getting it launched. It says it can't execute the exe file. I have Windows 10 and rx470 and 480s. Maybe because my wallet isn't synchronized? Please help
Electroneum (7 months ago)
Patrick Wieland ah oké I had shut down every thing recarding the firewall i think. I'm in the telegram group now. Thanks. I will keep trying
Patrick Wieland (7 months ago)
Yea the actual black cmd window is having issues? Come join the DGB telegram https://t.me/dgbmining
Electroneum (7 months ago)
Patrick Wieland yeah i have enabled it. It does the download correctly. Then i want to start the miner and de black screen pops up and shows 2 lines of the miner and then freezes. Don't know why. Its mining ETN correctly. Thanks for the fast reply
Patrick Wieland (7 months ago)
Your virus protection is probably stopping it
Paul K (7 months ago)
Ok, Intel here, will that work?
Gus Ares (7 months ago)
is a GPU required for mining? (not mention the computer capability required ...to mine). I have a good computer but never used (and as far I know not build) for games.
Limited Edition TV (4 months ago)
Gus Ares you can cpu mine but it isn't profitable unless you have a threadripper or powerful cpu
Nathan (7 months ago)
he hasnt given up on digibyte, almost at 1 cent now!
Patrick Wieland (7 months ago)
.2 cents! Big difference
Melbourne Shorts (7 months ago)
do you have an instal for MAC? my download could not be run on ny ac
did you find an answer to this . I have a mac too
Bianca Jongerius (7 months ago)
He Patrick Wieland we must put our virusscanner off because of the mining proces.. but is it not dangerous now?
More EV (7 months ago)
Hi Patrick. Where do I put my dgb address to get paid. You didn't she that in the video. Thx
Patrick Wieland (7 months ago)
In your Pool Account!
Samaras Valantis (7 months ago)
Just started Windows seems to dump the oneclickminer but I reinstall it and everything works.good job
Ryan Monreal (7 months ago)
Hi @Patrick Weiland, what is the minimum Nvidia graphic card model to be used to run properly this miner? I have an old laptop with a nvidia gforce 710m and it does not support compute capability... can u help me with that? thanks in advance :)
Ryan Monreal (7 months ago)
How about in AMD?
Ryan Monreal (7 months ago)
thanks :)
Patrick Wieland (7 months ago)
Nvidia 7 series I believe is oldest that will work
Dann (7 months ago)
What wallet should I use for Digibyte?
Dann (7 months ago)
Patrick Wieland Thanks👌
Patrick Wieland (7 months ago)
Use the Digibyte Core Wallet
t kin (7 months ago)
It literally took me less time to set up Digibyte One Click Miner than the length of this video! And I only have very basic computer skills. Thank you!
L G (7 months ago)
The miner dont show the speed and profitability. Its normal? Need to give it time? Every thing else work fines. Pool show is mining ok. 1054 mh/s with 3 gtx 970 vs normal 840 mh/s
Patrick Wieland (7 months ago)
Not bad! Yea looks like your good
Chris Wallace (7 months ago)
Works great. It's the easiest setup I've seen yet. Wow! It's quick and slick. I'm mining with 2 GTX 1060 SSC's and a Zotac GTX 1070 ti and a GB GTX 1070 ti. Not quite the MH/s I get from alexis build cuda 7.5, but close. Love the intensity slider.
Patrick Wieland (7 months ago)
Yea I actually found that increasing intensity didn’t help me
Chris Wallace (7 months ago)
Patrick Wieland I had a sneaking suspicion that it was Alexis 78. I get a consistent, stable 2070 MH/s with my setup with 90% power, +200 core clock and 0 on the memory clock. I tried your idea of dropping memory clock too low... CRASH. With One-Click, I was seeing just under 2000 MH/s and increasing the intensity from 24 to 25 had a negative effect; it reduced my output by about 7%. I might try it again later, it's really nice Patrick, good work and good explanation on your video, we all appreciate it very much.
Patrick Wieland (7 months ago)
It’s using the Alexis78 build which is the best for Nividia. It should be same or better adjust the intensity slider around
tudor B (7 months ago)
And were is the wallet adress ,,,????????? Bîdla
Wehrner chancy. (7 months ago)
kool of you to make it as simple as possible, great step-by-step but not mining
Wehrner chancy. (7 months ago)
It was definitively the antivirus program. once i uninstalled it, everything is working perfectly. thanks again for the easy set up
Wehrner chancy. (7 months ago)
i dont know if my antivirus programs is stopping it from fully downloading. it says 100% but its not going to that command screen where it should show me thats all is green and mining.
Patrick Wieland (7 months ago)
Its not Mining?
Jerzo (7 months ago)
I downloaded the digibyteoneclickminer and installed it exactly how it should have been done, but somehow I can't get it up and running. It keeps opening the black window and closing it after a few seconds. Any idea what's the problem? I have an AMD Radeon HD 7700
FeelGoodMusic (4 months ago)
yes turn of your antivirus that is what helped me
Goodo1234 (7 months ago)
You need to turn off your anti virus
Marcel Raijmakers (7 months ago)
Exactly the same.. Also Nvidia Gforce 710M
Ryan Monreal (7 months ago)
same here but in my part nvidia gforce 710M.
lone mazter (8 months ago)
How do you transfer mined DGB to your software DGB wallet?
Patrick Wieland (8 months ago)
Your pool will have a with-drawl function then you just withdraw to your wallet
CoinEfesi (8 months ago)
Perfect job Patrick! Thank you so much.
katiep8100 (8 months ago)
Can I download this on my mac?
Mahonri (8 months ago)
THe new issue I'm getting is GPU#0 Unsupported compute capability device. Ignoring.... I a GTX 780
Mahonri (7 months ago)
thats the first thing I did, no luck
obzen33 (7 months ago)
Mahonri also i would check if your gpu drivers are up to date
MyMinecrafter97 (7 months ago)
Got the same (i have a gtx 760). It shows the blocks, but doesn't acutally mine anything :/
Jonathan Marks (8 months ago)
Patrick, Congrats! Great job. I am not a tech guy, but a fairly large digi believer and holder. What is the ideal computer and graphics card to mine digibyte? I'd like to hook up a few computers to mine and can't use my work computer so need to grab some equipment. Thanks
Chris Wallace (7 months ago)
You can pick up a GTX 1060 6GB for around $320 on Ebay right now. It's a champ mining card for the money. Buy a cheap $70 motherboard like Gigabyte H110-D3A on Amazon and get a cheap $35 Celeron processor and 4GB of RAM and your golden. You don't even need a monitor, just remotely access it with TeamViewer.
Tucker (8 months ago)
If you want low cost, low power use a nvidea gtx-1050 2gb or 1050TI 4gb, if your looking mid range nvidea gtx-1060 3g or 6g, and for high range nvidea 1070-1070TI OR 1080-1080TI Hope this helps
Fabian Jaxson (8 months ago)
How much Digibyte can you mine on average per day with the most basic pc and graphic card?
Limited Edition TV (4 months ago)
Israel's Blessing not worth mining on a laptop or even with a single 1050 you'll burn the laptop out before you make any money
Dan Mac (5 months ago)
@ israel's blessing Not profitable for you. You will pay more in electricity.
Israel's Blessing (6 months ago)
Hey Partick great video and program thanks. I followed everything made accounts and intalled and in the last 24 hours it shows in Account Balance: 6.67397166 DGB! at at $0.40 per DDB that's about a quarter of a dollar and my computer it hot and running all day and night. I was expecting closer to 40 DGB. I'm sure my electric alone was more then that. I am using an HP Omen laptop with GTX 1050 and it's showing about 196 MH/s Does this make sense? Please advice before I shut it down. Thanks
Fabian Jaxson (8 months ago)
Patrick Wieland that's actually a lot! I was expecting like 2-4 😂
Patrick Wieland (8 months ago)
something like a GTX 1060 could do 30-40 DGB a day
Solen Ves (8 months ago)
cgminer just goes black. video card disapears from GPU info too after starting. Was trying to just use my wallet address as username for digihash.
Patrick Wieland (8 months ago)
Ok Nice work!
Solen Ves (8 months ago)
I think i fixed it... the default Digihash port was 3009. I looked up their site and they had 3011 port that i'm testing now. Looks like its running.
Solen Ves (8 months ago)
Patrick Wieland (8 months ago)
Which GPU do you have?
Mahonri (8 months ago)
When I run the one click miner to actually start mining, the extra window pops up and quickly says 'access is denied' and then goes away. I've opened an account with block factory and added it to the miner. any suggestions?
Patrick Wieland (8 months ago)
Yea some of the Virus Scanners can cause issues
Mahonri (8 months ago)
virus protection is the issue
Mahonri (8 months ago)
Also when I hit start, for mining it downloads... gets to 100% and then doesnt do anything
Hack Mack (8 months ago)
very nice, good work. main question you should do a video, PAYOUT! ;-)
Rick Sanchez C-137 (8 months ago)
As you said, its not bulletproof because you pulled parts of it from other miners, why would it be considered unsafe? And if so, in what ways is it unsafe
Patrick Wieland (8 months ago)
Just cautioning people that we can’t be 100% sure there’s no issues. We used popular miners that many other people are using and I’ve been using for months with no issues. Just always good to protect yourself
Tenshi-San (8 months ago)
[2018-03-15 19:36:05] GPU#0:Unsupported compute capability device. Ignoring [2018-03-15 19:36:05] 0 miner thread started, using 'skein' algorithm. I'm guessing this might be a problem. I think my GTX 560 Ti is just too old for this.
Faisal Waseem (7 months ago)
Hello patrick I am facing a same issue :( any update ?
obzen33 (7 months ago)
those cards might not even be able to mine but i'm not sure. They are also use more power than current gen cards so it's probably not gonna be worth it.
Tenshi-San (7 months ago)
MyMinecrafter97 yeah I see the same thing, it shows the blocks, but isn't mining
MyMinecrafter97 (7 months ago)
I got the same problem with a gtx 760: it shows the skein blocks, but doesn't acutally mine anything
Patrick Wieland (8 months ago)
Let me ask one of the devs
Christian (8 months ago)
Very nice! I'm mining with a single GTX 970 and getting ~ 307MHs :)
Dale Anderson (5 months ago)
Christian How much are you mining per day now?
Mr. (8 months ago)
is mining bad for you pc >?
Dan Mac (5 months ago)
Yes, it will shorten it's life. Too much heat and the fans will last much less.
D V (7 months ago)
Well thats just not right. Mining shortens the life span of your graphic card because its running under 100% power hole time. Compare it to the normal use - you use your graphic card maybe two hours a day playing some games - or even no time when not playing. Now the graphic card is working under full stress and maybe breaks after two months or four when you are lucky. In normal use it would break after 6-7 years?!
Patrick Wieland (8 months ago)
No I’ve been mining with my gaming pc for 3 months now
Steven Tallman (8 months ago)
thanks so much works so well nice to actually put my graphics card that just sits there all day to work in puter I am currently mining with a Asus GTX 1060 3gb that I picked up while ago and she likes this algorithim. Your instructions were clear and concise thanks again.
Jonathan Marks (8 months ago)
+Patrick Wieland What type of computer is best? Windows or Apple? Does it come with card needed or do i have to purchase the graphics card separate?
Patrick Wieland (8 months ago)
Great to hear!

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