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TV Shows (series) to Improve Your English Listening | English Tips

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Learn which are the best TV shows (or TV series) to watch to improve your English! In this video I give you guidelines for choosing shows that could help you improve your English, particularly your listening skills. Some series are definitely harder than others! I also give you several recommendations. Recommendations I forgot to mention in the video: Lost (US, but there are many different accents!) How I Met Your Mother (US) The Ellen Show (US) Recommendations in the video: Friends (US) Sex and the City (US) Desperate Housewives (US) Imposters (US) Broadchurch (UK) Doc Martin (UK) Homeland (US) Mad Men (US) Stranger Things (US) Anne with an E (Canada) Beverly Hills, 90210 (US) The O.C. (US) Party of Five (US) Dawson's Creek (US) Felicity (US) The Amazing Race (US) Survivor (US & Australia) Extreme Cheapskates (US) The Chase (UK & Australia) Spread the love! Help more people understand this lesson by contributing subtitles in your own language here: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?ref=player&v=rmlbp9gYpfE For more English lessons, visit my channel, English with Max. All of the videos are free. These include free English vocabulary videos, English grammar videos, English pronunciation videos, English tips, and English listening practice. This channel aims at helping people learn and improve their English - whether they have been learning English for a while or have recently started. I am a native speaker from Australia. I mainly speak British English. Stalk me! https://www.facebook.com/EnglishWithMax https://twitter.com/EnglishWithMax https://www.instagram.com/englishwithmax/ TV series to learn English TV shows to learn English TV series for learning English TV shows for learning English
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English with Max (11 months ago)
Spread the love! Help more people understand this lesson by contributing subtitles in your own language here: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?ref=player&v=rmlbp9gYpfE
Agnaldo Romualdo Barboza (8 months ago)
Oh Mis Max, you forgot to suggest the most useful Australian program for us English language learners: "ABC NEWS 24 live" with subtitles! This program helps me very very much to improve mi listening skills!Congratulations for your channel: it helps us foreighners in Australia to learn English language; God bless you for this!
ndjim boubakar (12 days ago)
i like your videos all of them
ndjim boubakar (12 days ago)
you're welcome max i mean it
ndjim boubakar (14 days ago)
ok you're a good teacher i love your accent it suits you perfect.
ndjim boubakar (15 days ago)
stranger things it's a really good one i have already watched it go for it.
English with Max (14 days ago)
Cool! I'll take a look at it at some stage :).
Arda Sari (30 days ago)
My favorite "Breaking Bad" from Turkeyyy We love youu🤗😘😘
omis077 (1 month ago)
I can advise the comedy series "Father Ted" and "The Black Book" there are all episodes on YouTube. As TV shows I like Top Gear and The Grand Tour ".
Betão Ferreira (1 month ago)
Hi, max
English with Max (1 month ago)
Seray Yilmaz (2 months ago)
thnak you Max you are so sweet, and help us, thank you. ı am fallowing, and listening you ...lalaa laaa yupiii :)
English with Max (2 months ago)
Thank you for watching! ❤
Ankit Kumar (2 months ago)
I am Indian please speak slowly
Ankit Kumar (2 months ago)
Speak slowly
Rabia Bhat (3 months ago)
I am a beginner plz help me how can i speak English.
Rabia Bhat (3 months ago)
I need your help i want to speak in English because i have no any so how can i speak like u plz help me mam
English with Max (3 months ago)
You might find my playlist "English Tips" helpful :). I give lots of advice in those videos. All the best!
Crystal white (3 months ago)
I love you so so so much xoxo
English with Max (3 months ago)
❤❤ Thank you so much for watching!
Shaer Shojib (4 months ago)
You are awesome. I like your speaking style and at least you are one of who lived with mermaids.. that's amazing. so sexy you are..
Fingol firn (4 months ago)
I practicing my listening watching " The inbetweeners". Is so hard to understand, but is so funny. 🤣
English with Max (4 months ago)
It's great you've found something you enjoy! :)
Ahmed Faraj (5 months ago)
I grew up with mermaids😍
47Sukhoi (6 months ago)
I'd rather watch the old hilarious British show "mind your language". I love it 😂 Regards, Ahmad,
Garhwali Bhula (6 days ago)
Me too.
English with Max (5 months ago)
I've never watched an entire episode, but I've seen some clips which were very funny :).
Shawa Shawa (6 months ago)
hi plz help me
Shawa Shawa (6 months ago)
thanx a lot dear
English with Max (6 months ago)
If you watch my "English Tips" playlist, you'll find lots of videos in which I give advice on how to improve your English. All the best!
Shawa Shawa (6 months ago)
yes i like your videos i m indian my english is verry poor plz next year i go to canada so plz help me yo english
English with Max (6 months ago)
I hope my videos can help you!
Saúl MP (7 months ago)
Hi, Max. I enjoy a lot with your videos and the most important thing is that I learn a lot. I have just begun to watch (or I just started watching?) a new series called "The Handmaid's Tale". I do not sure if it is good to learn English but I think this series is highly recommend. Of course, "Breaking Bad" is amazing and do not stop evolving and ends in the precise moment.
English with Max (7 months ago)
I'm glad they're helpful. :) "I have just begun to watch" or "I just started watching" are both fine and correct. ;) I watch The Handmaid's Tale too and I like it! I didn't mention it in the video firstly because there are some quite heavy themes, and I know that's not for everyone, and secondly because there are several phrases or sentences that we don't use in regular English (praise be, may the Lord open, etc.). It's language inspired by the Bible, but not even very religious people use those specific phrases. If you're not a native speaker it can be hard to know what's "normal". But if you like the show, that's great!
Jacques MONNIER (7 months ago)
Planet earth is cool with the voice of David attenborough
English with Max (7 months ago)
You're right! Nature documentaries are also a good option.
Di SaVal (7 months ago)
Very helpful and enlightful tips. Thank you very much. I was searching for a new "youtube/famaleteacher" and I fortunately found you. Subd! You said TELE NOVELAS in a portuguese way, hey, I'm from BRAZIL. GREETINGS!
Di SaVal (7 months ago)
Portuguese? Great. But when you said for the 1s time the expression it sounded more like portuguese, and at the 2d like spanish. For what I see you'll have no difficulty with my language. xoxo
English with Max (7 months ago)
I'm glad it was helpful and thanks for subscribing! Haha, I actually speak Spanish (I've only recently started learning Portuguese), so I thought I was saying it in a Spanish way :).
Mohammad Sameeruddin (8 months ago)
how to watch it there are no episodes in youtube is just showing trailer of it plz help how to watch it
English with Max (8 months ago)
Most of the TV shows are available on streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.), but it's different in every country. You can also buy many of the series on DVD.
Rusu Razvan (8 months ago)
I like Doc Martin
Hlo ma'am.. I want talk to you..
NEERAJ SHARMA (23 days ago)
Amol Sadgir (9 months ago)
Nice mam
M. Vieira (10 months ago)
You are very good at tips in general.
English with Max (10 months ago)
Oh, thank you :).
Ahmed Rasheed (10 months ago)
Intrinsic Asset (10 months ago)
why your expression seems so sexy?
Intrinsic Asset (10 months ago)
haha so damn true.... Can we chat on daily/weekly basis in facebook/twitter/insta because I'm so desperate to improve my English and I think you can assist me a lot? will be much more appreciable if you could manage that........ will be waiting for your reply. Have a rad day
English with Max (10 months ago)
Because I'm a sexy gal 😉.
Thank you very much it was very useful.
English with Max (10 months ago)
My pleasure!
Inna Zhurav (11 months ago)
Cheapskates is a great word, I added it in my vocabulary)
English with Max (11 months ago)
I like it too :).
محمد الكثيري (11 months ago)
You great
Elham Mahdavi (11 months ago)
can you do a video for correct pronunciation of "months"
English with Max (11 months ago)
I might do a short one for my Facebook and Instagram pages! Good suggestion :).
sarah alkathiri (11 months ago)
thank you max
EmeritusE (11 months ago)
It's been some times since I've seen a television series I actually put forth effort to watch. I used to enjoy Star Trek TNG and I was a diehard fan of The X-files, but that was many years ago. They have recently revamped the X-files series and have started airing new episodes. I've been watching it. It seems to be OK so far, but I just haven't made up my mind about it yet. It just doesn't seem to have the spark that it used to have. I'll have to keep watching before I can make a proper judgement. One of the other more recent series that I enjoyed was called Preacher. Quite an odd show that was but then I like odd! =)
English with Max (11 months ago)
I think I've gotten choosier over time re the series I watch (that coming from a person who watched The Bachelor 😂...). There's definitely a lot of rubbish around! I'll keep an eye out for Preacher - thanks!
Leo Chong (11 months ago)
I am catching up with the videos you maked. Thank you again.
Nota Bene (11 months ago)
Hi,Max.Great job! You`ve just mentioned "Friends" to be watched for improving English. I`m about to do it but a couple things get me embarassed. First of all, constant LOL :) - "lough track". Oh,yeah,I get it. It`s for getting people know not to miss jokes. But sometimes it is annoying. Secondly,IMHO, a lot of funny moments are based on slang. To understand it you should know all the dual meaning,all the stuff like this:"blow job","bend over","bang" etc. Non-native speaker not being engaged in the score of American slang above will be probably out of the Friends` gist. What do you think about it?
Nota Bene (11 months ago)
Thanks a lot :)
English with Max (11 months ago)
It's true... I don't like the canned laughter either! And yes, I agree with you. In my video on movies I explain why dramas are normally easier than comedies (it's normally because of puns and cultural references). But people who are watching movies and series to improve their English normally have a relatively advanced level already, and I mentioned Friends because it's one of the easier comedies :). An example of a much more difficult comedy would be the show Community.
Arkan Ahmad (11 months ago)
Hi max, I would like to ask how may I use the word "when" may I use it in a sentence such as present ،past or can I use it all the time in sentences. Thank you
English with Max (11 months ago)
You can use it with any of the tenses :).
fong beng (11 months ago)
Dear teacher Max, I am Fong here (Ming) , which one is correct? For example: Car door/door of car/ car's door. 2) Can I say " The device will sound with Led light flashing "?
fong beng (11 months ago)
Thank's teacher Max
English with Max (11 months ago)
Car door ;). You can say: The device will sound and the LED light will flash.
Fiona lau (11 months ago)
Hello, I am an English learner from China, It was very helpful to see your video, so I subscribed, uh, excuse me, Are you speaking American English or British English?
English with Max (11 months ago)
Thank you for subscribing! I hope you find my videos helpful. I'm Australian, but I don't have a strong Australian accent. In general my English is closer to British English than American English ;).
Vi K (11 months ago)
Hello Max. Thank you for your efforts. Could you explain word "stuff" ? Native speakers use this word wery often.
English with Max (11 months ago)
Good question! Yes, we use it a lot. It's a very general word which basically means "things". It can be solid objects or non-material things. E.g. I'll get my stuff, then leave. (my belongings). Do you like Ed Sheeran? Yes, I like his stuff. (Here it's clear that "stuff" means his work or his songs.) It's not rude, but it's colloquial.
Thomas Schmitt (11 months ago)
Oh, you mentioned my name, im so flattered :) Shows i like are Sopranos, Westworld, King of Queens and Southpark. And yes, sometimes series are hard do understand but i think thats a good thing because it helps you to improve. Btw: a phenomenon about language i often see is that in movies/seris/youtube/podcasts they seldom use curse words while if you listen to real talk you hear cursewords all the time, like fuck this, fuck that, oh my fucking god, shit here, shit there. So it seems to be almost another language. There are a few series where you can hear cursewords a lot though.
English with Max (11 months ago)
Thanks for your comment! Oh, I think it depends. There are some people who swear a lot in real life, and others who don't and get quite offended by it. Just like there are quite a few TV shows with A LOT of swearing and others without much.
Adnan Touma (11 months ago)
How to communicate with you in english because I haven't anyone here in Iraq to speak with him english language.. thank you
Inna Zhurav (11 months ago)
Hi, if you like, we could talk in English on Skype. I`m learning English too. You can find me on Skype by inna001981
English with Max (11 months ago)
I'm not currently looking for new students, but you might find a teacher on this website: https://www.italki.com/ Some of the Community Tutors don't charge a lot of money.
Julián D. Toledo (11 months ago)
Thanks you Max from Madrid .Besides cute, you speak clearly
English with Max (11 months ago)
You're welcome!
Tikus241 (11 months ago)
Thanks for these tips, Max. I'll check them out.
Hi Max. Great tips! I agree with you. I improved my English listening skills a lot by watching TV series. I'll see you next time. Bye!
English with Max Your kind words encourage me to learn English more and more. Thank you so much, Max.
English with Max (11 months ago)
It's clear you've worked hard on your English because it's almost always perfect. 😀 Thanks again!
Long Nguyen (11 months ago)
Thanks a lot of your efforts to make this video and love Max
English with Max (11 months ago)
My pleasure, Long :).
Ulghart (11 months ago)
I loved braking bad for learning. Since the characters have different backgrounds (school teacher, drug junkie, police officer, normal mother, etc) you can learn a lot of typical expressions from those different type people. Also they use common jargon for their jobs. it's a hard series, but pretty good for advanced students
Ulghart (11 months ago)
You should definitely watch it !
English with Max (11 months ago)
I haven't watched it, but it has a good reputation. I didn't mention it because shows with lots of police and drug dealers are often difficult!
Avtar Sharma (11 months ago)
Your dimple beautiful
English with Max (11 months ago)
Oh, thanks :).
Mohamed Mustafe (11 months ago)
Thank you you're my best teacher
English with Max (11 months ago)
Oh, thanks :).
Rafael Augusto (11 months ago)
For now my favourite tv show is"How I met your mother". I highly recommend watching it. And It's also a nice programme for learning English.
English with Max (11 months ago)
Oh yes! I'm kicking myself because I forgot to include that! I didn't watch the entire series, but I enjoyed the first few seasons, and I think it's a bit like Friends in terms of how easy it is to understand.
Erica Oliveira (11 months ago)
This is us... Is pretty good!
English with Max (11 months ago)
I've heard good things about it :).
Al N (11 months ago)
thank you Max, see U.
Friends - The Cheesecake, Chandler and Rachel :)) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PmOOcnnc28
English with Max (11 months ago)
Hahaha, I just watched it! And yes, I can highly recommend the first season of True Detective! (Just don't get depressed if you don't understand much without subtitles ;)).
My favorite TV series is: The Big Bang Theory, Dr. Hause, Californication, Friends, IT Crowd, Breaking Bad, Supernatural... Maybe, Dexter. When I was a teenager, I watched The X-files. :) True Detective. Hmm... I need to watch. Thanks Max!
My English experience (11 months ago)
Thank you very much indeed for your informative and cheerful lessons, but I wish you have told which are British series and which are American and so on , cause I prefer the British accent. Thank you great deal for your marvellous efforts.
My English experience (11 months ago)
English with Max How thoughtful and helpful you are, I do appreciate that.
English with Max (11 months ago)
I like a lot of British shows, particularly period dramas, but I didn't mention them in the video because many have quite advanced English.
English with Max (11 months ago)
My pleasure! Yes, I probably should've mentioned that for each show. I'll add that to the list in the description ;).
Marcio Candido (11 months ago)
english With Max.hi i like your idea about the movies I come tô search.ok. thank you english With Max.
English with Max (11 months ago)
You're welcome!
samsam11 jedjed11 (11 months ago)
thank you max too much for this video
English with Max (11 months ago)
Too much?
Przemek X (11 months ago)
lovely , attractive make up and beautiful eyes ...I also recommend watching tv series - Australian Security Border and UK Security Border ..as a excellent source of real live vocabulary ..
English with Max (11 months ago)
Thanks very much! I can imagine that would be useful! (Btw, we say Border Security 😉: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Border_Security:_Australia%27s_Front_Line) I've seen parts of the Australian one and it's funny at times.
L. McClane (11 months ago)
I've noticed European tend to say that they're going to "watch a series" whereas at least in the US, we would say a show.
English with Max (11 months ago)
Yeah, I guess it's because the word "series" exists in a few European languages...? (With slightly different spelling, though.)
Aparecido FERREIRA VAIS (11 months ago)
Hi Max thanks for yours videos and a have sunday bye
English with Max (11 months ago)
My pleasure! Enjoy the rest of our Sunday :).
Юрий Руденя (11 months ago)
I watched some of these TV show in Russian. And I watched American Gods in English with subtitles. It's hard for me to understand something without subtitles. But I will try. And I understand you without any problems. Maybe thay are in TV show just do not know how to say so that everyone was clear... 😎
English with Max (11 months ago)
Ok, I might check it out ;). My sister is a Neil Gaiman fan.
Юрий Руденя (11 months ago)
English with Max American Gods filmed under the novel Neil Gaiman. I have read this book and I was wondering how the TV show was made on it. This show is funny as the book. If you like black humor and fantasy you will like it.
English with Max (11 months ago)
I haven't heard of American Gods - I'll look it up! I sometimes watch Spanish TV series and it's funny because some characters I understand almost perfectly, while others I might understand 40-50% of the time...
Sunkara Eliya (11 months ago)
Nice video. Can I talk to you on Skype?
Sunkara Eliya (11 months ago)
Then I will watch your videos and enjoy myself.
English with Max (11 months ago)
It's not possible. I'm sorry.
Sunkara Eliya (11 months ago)
I want to be your student because I like you. How is it possible?
English with Max (11 months ago)
I'm sorry, I'm not currently looking for new students.
aimanno everyday English (11 months ago)
Thank you for your efforts. Sometimes I hope and imagine you and others native teachers who have own channels in YouTube ( I know them well ) make movie or TV shows to teach English for us.
aimanno everyday English (11 months ago)
English with Max I think you're better than Angelina jolly herself. But you are just modest.
English with Max (11 months ago)
You're welcome :). Haha, I don't know if I'm a good enough actress!
LY Nguyễn (11 months ago)
Have you seen this movie" The Twin" ?..This is my favorite movie.😊Thanks for your lesson.
English with Max (11 months ago)
No, I haven't, but I'll look it up! And I completely forgot to mention The Ellen Show! I mentioned it in my video about using YouTube to learn English. Yes, I think it's great for English learners as well!
LY Nguyễn (11 months ago)
How about Tv show "Ellen show"?.I love that show

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