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Forex Trading Strategies - Best Banks & Hedge Funds Strategy Revealed

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http://www.learncurrencytradingonline.com Do you think bank and hedge fund strategies work and make huge profits? They do but not in the way most traders think. In this video, we show how the big institutions make money with their trading systems and how you can beat the majority of them - by doing the opposite with your trading strategy. So why dont banks and hedge funds have the best Forex trading strategies? After all they have huge resources to invest in complex software and trading programs and also have the best fundamental and technical research? The answer is simple - they are not fucused on making money for the money they trade - their interested in turing as much of the equity they manage as they can into commission earnings for them. The facts prove this is correct with most Hedge funds and bank managed accounts failing to reach double digit gains on their trading accounts. In fact, most are wiped out within a few years but the average Forex trader believes they are the worlds best Forex traders. The reality is you can win at Forex trading with just a simple trading system and all you have to do is be patient and wait for the best high odds chart patterns before executing your trading signals. Many traders want to learn the trading system secrets of the big boys and in this video we reveal them - but you wont be copying these traders you will be doing the exact opposite in your trading strategy and beating the so called pro traders from home. the best Forex trading strategy is your own and you wont want to copy the trading strategies of the banks and Hedge funds after watching this video.
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