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I5 6600K OC 4800Mhz | GTX 1060 6GB OC ASUS DUAL | 2560X1080 ULTRAWIDE | 13 GAME TEST FPS

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Battlefield1 Call of Duty MW Remastered 01:02 Crysis 3 01:47 Deus Ex Mankind Divided 02:43 Dying Light 03:52 GTA V 04:59 GRID Autosport 06:52 Just Cause 3 07:19 Mafia III 08:40 Resident Evil VII 10:00 Rise of The Tombraider 11:27 Watchdogs 2 13:27 Redout 15:27 recorded by nvidia experience share will take 5 to10 FPS lost
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Text Comments (20)
ThatBMWguy likes bmw? (19 days ago)
I got it with a fx 4300 cpu.. I got 30 fps on low
zFassinii (2 months ago)
Como fica se você colocar em 1080, quanto ao aspecto, ele fica com faixas do lado?
Bruno K2 (19 days ago)
fica esticado ou com faixa preta de lado tem as duas opções
Ustes Rendel (2 months ago)
you render is bad, realy bad. You must select windows mode 2560*1080 in preference windows in programm rendering
Bruno K2 (19 days ago)
Complimation (3 months ago)
Bruno K2 (19 days ago)
corsair rm 750i
Telmo Goncalves Ola (5 months ago)
You get these fps when you're recording right?
Bruno K2 (5 months ago)
Telmo Goncalves Ola sim quando estava a gravar tinha esses fps
EvilSandwich 6 (5 months ago)
yes im gonna now buy it :D
Luis Fernando (7 months ago)
Mafia 3, empty streets, few pedestrians, few cars, and FPS at 30.40. GTA: V streets full of pedestrians, many cars, airplanes and the FPS at 90,100.
Bruno K2 (19 days ago)
mafia 3 are realy very bad optimized
Luis Fernando (5 months ago)
Adrian Iancu it's something sad, but is true.
Adrian Iancu (5 months ago)
Luis Fernando Mafia is kinda badly optimized
Beastrom 650 (9 months ago)
Theoretically you'd be getting above 60 fps in standard 1080p, yes?
Bruno K2 (19 days ago)
1920x1080 have more fps
Alex Graham (9 months ago)
not bad ;D
Zhenya Ruban (11 months ago)
Good job! )
Jordan Christian (1 year ago)
Thanks for posting this :)
Daniel (1 year ago)
Good job dude

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