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Anton Kreil Explains What A Trader at an Investment Bank Does

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Text Comments (76)
Ameya Badve (13 days ago)
Which college is this? What do you need to study to apply for an investment bank job in the trading and sales department ?
Michael Maguire (1 month ago)
Anton telling it how it is no fkn bs
Web Dog (2 months ago)
pretty soon all the prop trading will be done by machines too
Michael Withrock (2 months ago)
LOL at the red bull on the desk.
F (3 months ago)
Is this the same IB as in the US? Is he describing the same Investment Bank divisions as M&A and valuation? seems like a different job than what we know here in America, analysts at Investment Banks spend their time doing valuation models and putting decks together.
zng odani (1 month ago)
Same in Europe. But he is talking about traders in IB
Nolan Abell (3 months ago)
now what am i supposed to major in, i want a job where i can feel that i am doing something productive and not watching algorithims.
Saurabh Agarwal (3 months ago)
Thank you Anton. Good on you for making people aware. This info was very timely for me, cheers.
JOSHUA SAMUEL (5 months ago)
Jesus loves you.
Rich 91 (5 months ago)
Why doesnt the buy side just buy from stock brokers ibstead?
A. S (6 months ago)
He reminds me of someone from slitheren house
Matt Waller (5 months ago)
so true
T B88 (5 months ago)
A. S as I have always said Hogwarts missed a trick in not disbanding slytherin.
Richard Todd (6 months ago)
Dozlan (6 months ago)
What is the purpose of bringing in clients if you are losing money on the negative selection trades? Wouldn't the banks be better off investing the entirety of their capital into prop trading, considering they are using this mechanism to win back the losses from those negative selection trades?
Boxing Prince TV (4 months ago)
THE ANSWER: because 80% of the trades are ZERO RISK & FREE PROFIT.. While ONLY 20% are the “negative selection trades” u/he mentioned . Not all of these 20% = losing money, only a portion. That is what the 10% Prop trading aims to recoup. Hence why the 80% Risk Free is the “bread & butter” ... ITS FREE MONEY!
Sean Mert (4 months ago)
New Regulations dont allow too much prop trading today. Prop traders have gone to hedge funds.
Carrie Oakey (5 months ago)
because it gives them a sense of where the money is going before everyone else. see, they first take commission and fees on everyone else's trades and once they figure out which way the money is flowing they'll assign traders to do prop trading. or piggy back riding on the flow of money
Sulaimaan 1011 (6 months ago)
Calm video g. Just trying to figure out why they would pay the bank to carry out the trade for 10Mill when the bank isn't even risking anything? Couldn't they do it themselves?
Justis Mullins (4 months ago)
The value in company X being able to transact with the bank is that the bank can guarantee that the company gets their full block of shares for the same price. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.
TheShreester (6 months ago)
The trader "makes a market" by matching a buyer with a seller (so they don't have to) and charges a commission for doing so. A FOREX works the same way. Marketmakers are "middle-men". They're like an Estate Agents that buy properties from sellers then finds buyers for them. Estate Agents don't go this far because property isn't liquid enough to justify the risk.
LosBlancos (6 months ago)
i need this kind of confidence
LD51 (4 months ago)
Instesd of trying to gain it realize you already have it; now remove everything that takes away from it.
giorgio tsoukalos (8 months ago)
Nice voice
tyler 44 (8 months ago)
From my understanding trading is not all an investment bank does. They help make the prospectus for a company's IPO, help with bond issuance, do sell side research and advisory, handle M&As, raise capital etc... I think he misses a big point which is that a lot of people do investment banking for the exit opportunity. You learn fundamental skills in modeling and network within the industry, many then go into PE or start a fund, it's not just to stay their whole life at one company slaving away. I'm always skeptical of these financial gurus, as they say "those who can't do, teach" and I think that especially applies to finance more than any other subject.
Marc K (1 month ago)
Did you even bother to watch the video, let alone read a title. What “TRADERS” do at an investment bank
NooBuildsPC (8 months ago)
trade on your own that's it
Silva David (4 months ago)
+A. S Learn Forex properly. You don´t need a lot of money to open an account.
A. S (6 months ago)
And where u gonna get the money to trade from?
J R (8 months ago)
Change your job and join our programmer world, LOL
Stephane Civil (8 months ago)
What should I do to make money in finance that is not watching an algorithm?
NooBuildsPC (8 months ago)
trade on your own its easy and fun manage your own funds gather people around you who got a real life job giving them a nice lifestyle ask them if you want a manager if they said yes risk will be theirs and the profit will be yours
The Forex Scalpers (10 months ago)
perfect anton
Virtuoso80 (1 year ago)
I generally figured if one is getting involved in trading these days that it would mostly involve understanding/creating computer algorithms. Of course it's not literally a guy sitting there thinking, "I should buy x shares of y," anymore. Learn the computers instead.
Manos Seferidis (16 days ago)
They are not AI, they are simple programs meant to do specific things but faster. So actually they can be as predictable as humans if not more.
TM3000 (20 days ago)
+Stan Curry that's not true at all. Those programs are done by humans. They're programmed to act like a human, only faster. How could I make 4 options trades the week before last and hit a profit in all four? Computers are no different than humans.
Stan Curry (1 month ago)
Yep, unfortunately the nerds have ruined it. This industry had its day, and that day is over. Shoulda been born earlier :(
TheShreester (6 months ago)
I think you're refering to High Frequemcy (aka Algorithmic) trading which increasingly does makes up most of the trading on today's markets. The days of humans doing this job are indeed coming to an end. However, I think he's trying to explain "How it Works" (in layman's terms) without giving away such trading secrets - pun intended!
NooBuildsPC (8 months ago)
like? what
Ashley Jackson (1 year ago)
I worked in Canary Wharf , and UBS Broadgate for the last 4 years, not as a trader, but I did experience the live floors, and it really is not very exciting, Also most the trading floors were empty.
Sunny Singh (3 days ago)
+Heinrich Berndovsky 😁😁😁😁 god bless us so that we can learn better English
Abzinoo (2 months ago)
I worked at Citi bank Canary Wharf for a month and saw the trading floor. It wasn’t empty at all..
Heinrich Berndovsky (4 months ago)
>UBS Broadgate Dealing with you lads sure is a lot of fun except for the fact that your bloody settlements/operations are all Indians that barely speak English. Jesus fucking Christ, god forbid if you have to process a coupon claim with UBS, I'd rather eat a sock than do that if it can be avoided. Goldman does the same thing, but their Indians appear to be better at English at least.
TheShreester (6 months ago)
It's increasingly all happening online.
Dan Hicks (1 year ago)
Samuel B (1 year ago)
someone mind giving me an example of "making markets in assets" thanks
heynorty013 (6 months ago)
Usually providing a quote bid/ask for an asset.
Jodi Mack (1 year ago)
Is he hinting that the money is in retail trading now?
Apple Juice Simpson (2 months ago)
I think he's trying to give the relatity of working at the major financial institutions that so many graduating business students aspire and compete to work for. Cut through the glits and glam, give students a realistic view of the industry today.
Daniel O. (8 months ago)
Jodi Mack no, feedom is the foundation wealth, that, and long term investment
The End of Madness (1 year ago)
What a great teacher
CoinDebrief Dotcom (1 year ago)
As always, the hair is on point.
culturehorse (1 year ago)
Moar, please! .. thanks
J M (1 year ago)
Can't believe this type of video is free on internet.
Michael Withrock (2 months ago)
God bless the Internet.
Hbthegreat (4 months ago)
You mean thanks to ads?
TheShreester (6 months ago)
It's not. Don't forget that Youtube content is free thanks to Google!
Daniel O. (8 months ago)
J M and yet so many people keep falling for the same traps
Cerita Mamen (1 year ago)
Zaga (1 year ago)
I would like to know what you said later.
I cant wait to work in a investment bank in Canada lmao.
Butch Durangis (10 months ago)
TD, RBC, a lot of the big top 5 banks have IB sections.
T4JZ (1 year ago)
What.. like TD?
John Wayne (1 year ago)
Cool! Another one! First Post!
chris baker (1 year ago)
Great watch thankyou.
Market Forces (1 year ago)
Anton, can you help me out? I'm at University on an investment course but there is next to no technical analysis and fundemental analysis. Is there any books you would recommend as I am too poor to afford the institute courses.
notsAhsoJ (1 year ago)
no FA or TA... what the hell are they teaching you?
Mary Pippin (1 year ago)
Maybe because they really dont matter that much
Michael Borucki (1 year ago)
Go to work
Morfes (1 year ago)
Nice one Anton. Cheers

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