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iq option strategy - binary options live trading 99% Wining working Method - Best trading solution

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Join me Telegram Link: https://t.me/iqoptionstrategyofficial Facebook Page: https://web.facebook.com/iqoptionstrategy.official Facebook Group: https://web.facebook.com/groups/iqoptionstrategy.official Support And Resistance Indicator Link: https://goo.gl/4zHrSU Hi friends.. I am back. Today I want to show you one more tutorial. I hope you like it and it will work for you. So, look the video carefully. Do not forget to subscribe to my channel if you like my videos.We have to set the following indicators: CCI, 19, Choose 15 seconds timeframe.Do not forget to trade on 2 minutes, Otherwise this method does not work. Lots of people asking me, which is the best and profitable methods of mine. I can answer them, that it depends on you. It depends on each person, their abilities and knowledge. Also, you are a slow or fast person. So, I can suggest to everyone to choose several methods and test them for a while. Than you will know which is the best one for you. We can use this method for different situations. So, this is the second example. It is not main lines to crossed to each other. It is enough them to touch to each other. Song: it's different - Shadows (feat. Miss Mary) [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Video Link: https://youtu.be/UHbDJ1oPuGo Download Link: http://NCS.lnk.to/Shadows Song: Diviners - Savannah (feat. Philly K) [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Video Link: https://youtu.be/u1I9ITfzqFs Diviners • https://soundcloud.com/divinersmusic • https://www.facebook.com/divinersmusic • https://twitter.com/divinersmusic • https://instagram.com/divinersmusic Philly K (vocalist) • https://www.facebook.com/PhillyKMusic/ Song: Venemy - Need You Now (feat. Danica)[NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Video Link: https://youtu.be/li_tpwcMEQQ Download/Stream: http://ncs.io/NeedYouNowCr
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Text Comments (1041)
Rahul Pandey (15 hours ago)
Someone who understands technical analysis knows this was a complete vague..
ali khedri (1 day ago)
nice 🌹
NATTA MM (1 day ago)
how to set up your inndicater
HANI HANI (2 days ago)
Hi, I want to withdraw the profits by Scriell, but the name of the account is different from the name of the company account in a problem in that? It is possible to take advantage of fashion Should the method of withdrawal be the same as the filing method? It is possible to take advantage of fashion Thank you
iq options strategy (1 day ago)
first verify your iq option account than you deposit minimum amount skrill to iq option account. iq team attach your skrill account to with iq account after all process complete you legible for withdraw
ann duke (2 days ago)
mr kelvin is a master trader
SehabTheAsshole (5 days ago)
you make it look so easy
Ernesto Aguilar (7 days ago)
I appreciate very much this info. But I tried it 18 times in a row. Lost 15. Won 3. Lost 99% of the money invested.
iq options strategy (6 days ago)
sir use another strategy
Silva Ray (11 days ago)
i`m in uk and it does not show me 70-80% profit . also the multiplier is maximum x30 , and not x100 to x300 . anyone knows why ? also how do you set 60 seconds trade ? in uk is maximum x30 ?
Walter Müller (8 days ago)
This seems like a chance to share the opportunity i had at wealth. Trading with Mr Salman Hassan loss has never been an option; now i consider it failure. I make a minimum of around $5000. You my fellow traders can live the life too loss doesn't always have to be your lot. Reach him via email at [email protected] com
Mahmood Akhtar (12 days ago)
sir i want training for working on iq option
Harrison G Merck (8 days ago)
I bet you am a living testimony, until I met Mr Salman Hassan the best binary and forex expert when my hope was lost in binary....he changed my financial life its so amazing I could not keep it to myself i just have to let the world know about him. you can reach him at [email protected] com
ImranSaifiLohar (17 days ago)
Hi Friends, I hope you like it. @
ImranSaifiLohar you can mail me on ([email protected],com) for help in trading binary and forex
Diego Ferreira (24 days ago)
This clock is not too fast ??
iq options strategy (23 days ago)
Diego Ferreira mail me on ([email protected], com) for help on trading binary and forex
Benedict Wandeto (25 days ago)
Which is the best time for trading
smoken garneds (28 days ago)
I didn’t expect Expertoption broker to have such bad support, support doesn’t respond at all, maybe they don’t
Personal Matters (30 days ago)
nice song choices
GIVE-RAMP EMPIRE (30 days ago)
which one is the best option to learn trading doing it on you own or to ask someone to teach you or do both of them?
Ivan Rdz (30 days ago)
Hola En qué sesión usas está estrategia? Gracias y saludos.
Ivan Rdz you can mail me on ([email protected],com) for help in trading binary and forex
Babur Abdilov (1 month ago)
Top dawg, you can’t be that lucky that’s a skill
raul angulo (1 month ago)
Saludos desde colombia eres una experta en esto me encantan tus videos podrias decirme que configuracion le das al rsi???
Courtney Dexter (1 month ago)
What is the name of the music playing at the background?
Nijoy Mech (9 days ago)
Courtney Dexter tropical diviner’s savannah
Arcade Spy (1 month ago)
If you make so much money then why so many ads in the video...
iq options strategy (1 month ago)
make more money for give away. hahaha
🗣🔊Nice babe..... 😁😁😁🤗🤗🤗💪😎✌🍸🍹📈📉💰💴💵💷💶💸
Nando Lacerda (1 month ago)
Where can I install demo IQ Option?? I need to put real money to play it??
iq options strategy (23 days ago)
Nando Lacerda mail me on ([email protected], com) for help on trading binary and forex
DO MI (1 month ago)
u just download softwave IQoptopn. we have both demo and real.
Conrado Skuja (1 month ago)
usei e pra mim nao deu certo
GaansYto013 Garcia (1 month ago)
m a servido mucho d verdad es buena la estrategia
iq options strategy (23 days ago)
GaansYto013 Garcia mail me on ([email protected], com) for help on trading binary and forex
Richard L. Sucgang (1 month ago)
Good Video!
emily Antoni (1 month ago)
Please recommend the best strategist for me
ст. 228 ч.1 (1 month ago)
Gustav Hersinger (1 month ago)
I am testing it on the DEMO version and I am impressed! From 24.000 USD to 31.200 USD in 10 min.
Tharuka Premarathne (1 month ago)
Thank you so much. It woks.
Milind Chavan (1 month ago)
iq option winner no loss all cover loss
baloy74 (1 month ago)
was watching and applying the strats to my demo account...so far, its doing well...thanks
iq options strategy (1 month ago)
my pleasure
Marcus Vollmers (1 month ago)
Doesnt work.
Alam Ara (1 month ago)
Please mail need your help as you seem to be making money like CO2
jailson silva (1 month ago)
You're amazing, palomino to you. hugs....
Egyptian Greetings
very nice
DicasBoas (1 month ago)
Que bom se fosse possível
Smokey n Friends (1 month ago)
is this for real????
Smokey n Friends (1 month ago)
I have done. but that only works if the market is slow. not aggressive. (my opinion)
CHRIS DLC (1 month ago)
Testing it out for yourself in Demo and see
arceno kalibrik (1 month ago)
The only broker I worked with, which does not delay payment is Expertoption, which is very nice, because today it is very difficult to find such a company
Satélite Profits (1 month ago)
Excuse me, I want to know why you are not VIP with so much money earned?
Unmatched TV (1 month ago)
Hi. Thank you for this video, was ready to try it out but got disappointed in that i don't have CCI indicator but i'm using the same platform; IQ OPTION. Please isn't there an alternative or what do i have to do? Your response will be highly appreciated
MrIsh007 (1 month ago)
I thought Binary Trading is no longer possible for general public.
praveen kumar (1 month ago)
Who have experienced in trading with any professional person anybody from India have.?
praveen kumar (1 month ago)
Anybody from India here.?
praveen kumar (1 month ago)
+Arjun Patel please send your mail id..
Arjun Patel (1 month ago)
praveen kumar I think I’m Indian. Lol
ibrahim qureshi (2 months ago)
damn girl u r fire.🔥🔥🔥🔥
Laura Ramos (1 month ago)
@Anita Mr Jerry? Wonderful man, been trading with him for some time now. Awesome.
ibrahim qureshi (1 month ago)
+anita rodriguez no but i will. soon.
Kiogar Vegas (2 months ago)
can see some videos and was very interested this video has a good strategy I liked a lot congratulations keep it up
Osama ALsanaani (2 months ago)
The facken highest spread you can see on iQ If forex that easy all ppl will be winners You you just making ads to iQ I used it before and lost 500 $
iq options strategy (2 months ago)
sir i know this field is very risky but don't enter in this field learn what is this and upgrade yourself
Lawrence Katlego (2 months ago)
Guilherme Pantaleão (2 months ago)
is it not real! he show you 5 minutes on strategy, but work with 15s candles. 100% fail!
David B. Ellis (2 months ago)
Nice strategy indeed
Juan Jara (2 months ago)
Thank you I got 90% earn. Really it works!!! :D
SAIF beek (2 months ago)
who can send for me just 10$ to help me for start ?
Drismar Farias Dioses (2 months ago)
Excuse me, what is the best time to trade? Greetings from Perú.
iq options strategy (2 months ago)
2AM to 9AM
shahid kash (2 months ago)
Why time moves so speed hmm🤔🤔
shahid kash (1 month ago)
+anita rodriguez yeah even everyone notice ! 🏎🏎
praveen kumar (2 months ago)
Please reply to my mail
iq options strategy (2 months ago)
sir check your email
Xuân Tân Nông (2 months ago)
tuyệt vời
Santhosh Kumar (2 months ago)
True boss,super
Haquang Vu (2 months ago)
I only found out when it was in the region
Dimo.Q TeSlar' (2 months ago)
WTF is this?! (o,Q) Come on, it's not really! )))
Ganesamoorthi R (2 months ago)
iq option deposit use your card name
iq options strategy (2 months ago)
Ya Ampuun (2 months ago)
Thank's bro
saword saword (2 months ago)
😱 انت وحش
Kemala Hamdani (2 months ago)
मैंने कभी खोने के बाद फिर से व्यापार करने का विचार नहीं किया है, मैं हमेशा ढीला हूं और मैं एक टेलीग्राम समूह में शामिल हुआ जहां मुझे हमेशा गलत सिग्नल मिलते हैं। मैं बस अपनी शुरुआत का शुक्रिया अदा करता हूं कि मैं अंत में जीता। ऑफसेट करने के लिए बहुत सारे कर्ज। मुझे सलाह है कि आप श्री सलमान को मेल करें, वह आदमी जो सही करता है। salmanhassan027 @ gmail। कॉम
iq options strategy (2 months ago)
Ganesamoorthi R (2 months ago)
iq option use your bank card and bank name ples help
Ganesamoorthi R (2 months ago)
i am form tamilnadu your all videos super
iq options strategy (2 months ago)
sir where are you from?
Ganesamoorthi R (2 months ago)
how to the withdrawal
Ganesamoorthi R (2 months ago)
your withdrawal app neteller or skrill
iq options strategy (2 months ago)
its simple click on the withdrawal button and select your method money receiving
v s (2 months ago)
Hello can you help me please??
iq options strategy (2 months ago)
check my email in the description
v s (2 months ago)
How do i contact you
James Roland (2 months ago)
My friend I send you 2 email wy you don't tell me nothing I need talk to you
Robot house of forex (2 months ago)
so touching knowing the number of losers in BINARY OPTIONS,BITCOINS,and FOREX trading, if crosschecked you find out we are the cause simply because we refuse to locate professional broker/investor,being successful in binary trade,is all about having a good broker who know how,when and when not to invest money,using the right strategy and above all knowing how to read the trend. if you desire a professional investor i will assist you invest your money and become a millionaire in trading {[email protected]}
iq options strategy (2 months ago)
Sir check you email
S & D (2 months ago)
can i use a this strategy for olymptrade?plz response me
iq options strategy (2 months ago)
search iq option strategy in fb
S & D (2 months ago)
+iq options strategy can u give me.My name is Sandu Gulcinschi
iq options strategy (2 months ago)
S & D (2 months ago)
+iq options strategy do you have facebook or instagram anyone?
Ilse Ganescu (2 months ago)
Hi! I have one question: why I don't have options, only forex, stocks, crypto, commodities and ETFs?
iq options strategy (2 months ago)
you use trading in mobile close the application and reopen not seen option repeat this step 3 to 5 time you seen option in iq option
Marius Ferreira (2 months ago)
swaroop reddy (2 months ago)
Is this is a magic , how you r winning all trades??
TazMania (2 months ago)
thank you =)
iq options strategy (2 months ago)
Akshay Lande (3 months ago)
is 15s candle comulsory?
big Zini (15 days ago)
bro, let me send you $100 bro
Raymond moore (2 months ago)
I never thought I could make cool cash so easily. making so much money I can't say here. I was so lucky to have been introduced to Mr Salman Hassan. You can ask for his help through his Email address [email protected] com or on Twitter @SalmanH36883429 Instagram salmanhassan_77 Your life will change for good!
Hello! Could you help me please? * How to trade Iq Option get more money? Last time, I was lost it and I need way how to trade best. Thanks
iq options strategy (3 months ago)
you are my group member?
I subscribe already
iq options strategy (3 months ago)
sir join my group
edgar herrera (3 months ago)
good strategy
iq options strategy (3 months ago)
Emi Frankopan (3 months ago)
Tried one time, lost first time. What a piece of crap "strategy" lol
Francis Bautista (2 months ago)
The game changed when I started trading with Mr Salman, a great teacher and account manager. Stop wasting your money on binary if you don't know how, Mr Salman is on [email protected] or email him [email protected] com Instagram salmanhassan_77
iq options strategy (3 months ago)
sorry for this
Guaracy Silva Ávila (3 months ago)
Posso participar com vc?...
Guaracy Silva Ávila (1 month ago)
+anita rodriguez vc pode indica?..obgdo desde já. ..
Dennis Teng (3 months ago)
can somebody explain me the strong sell and buy please?
iq options strategy (3 months ago)
Dennis Teng (3 months ago)
iq options strategy i cant see your email maam
iq options strategy (3 months ago)
contact me via my email see my email in the description
yuhaan anas (3 months ago)
How can i talk to you?
iq options strategy (3 months ago)
Inversor Online (3 months ago)
Hola quiero ser parte de tu grupo se señales... este es mi whatsapp.. +51 926901885. escribeme por favor . Enviame tu WHATSAPP si puedes por favor
iq options strategy (3 months ago)
sorry sir i have no whatsapp no
Guaracy Silva Ávila (3 months ago)
Guaracy Silva Ávila (3 months ago)
iq options strategy como faz?
iq options strategy (3 months ago)
depois que você me envia 2 $ do que eu adiciono você no meu grupo fb e eu dou sinal de forex.
Guaracy Silva Ávila (3 months ago)
iq options strategy não entendi oq seria isso?
iq options strategy (3 months ago)
Grupo da selva por US $ 2
Guaracy Silva Ávila (3 months ago)
iq options strategy poderia me ajudar ? Estou a 1 ano e já estudei muito até mesmo tape reading forex e não consegui nada ainda, mesmo em outro idioma e tao longe vc poderia vc com todo esse talento poderia me dar alguma pequena ajuda?muito obrigado...
Stock Options Trading (3 months ago)
nice vedio
Moe H (3 months ago)
A very interesting video buts lack your explanations and reasonings. Still understandable. Please don't deprive us of your usual explanations. Trading is difficult, to begin with. Thanks
Moe H (3 months ago)
Yes, I traded "Forex" for over 2 years unsuccessfully but learned a lot. Now trying to transit into Binary. Being a U.S. client, I CANNOT trade with over 98% binary brokers. Very nice and informative videos are available about binary trading on youtube. Let me know your experience. Maybe we can exchange some knowledge with each other. I would certainly appreciate it.
Moe H (3 months ago)
Thanks Kelly.
My Champ (3 months ago)
Bojan Avramovic (3 months ago)
Hanee Ruth Estolonio (3 months ago)
Thank you! Works for me. Though i have a question... what time/session are you trading? The 2min frame might not work on a too fast session like new york
Warrior Trading (3 months ago)
Helllo Hanee for a trader to be successfu in trading time/session are nevery a purety as for my strategy the 2min frame works pefectly in new york and Asia make out time to trade..
ALPHA (3 months ago)
I cant find CCI indicator on iqoption demo account?? Help
Kemala Hamdani (3 months ago)
Binary options lifted me up to a place where i can afford anything in life. all appreciation goes to this sensational broker Mr Salman for rescuing me out of this realm, Have made so much money from his strategy, would i say his the best? Absolutely is superb. You can always locate him on this email address: [email protected] com
somon bhi (3 months ago)
Lovely video content! Forgive me for butting in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you thought about - Chiveard Success Signals Framework (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a smashing one off product for understanding the best rated signals for binary options without the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my GF got great success with it.
AFLAM MOUCHAWIKA (3 months ago)
iq options strategy (3 months ago)
Yaron Oez (3 months ago)
When I do that I Lose all my money ....
Akshara Lal (3 months ago)
He’s so professional with his job. And I’m so grateful to be associated with Mr Salman Hassan.
iq options strategy (3 months ago)
i suggest you please leave the trading.
Bravo AST (4 months ago)
iq options strategy (4 months ago)
Amazing lol
Manish Agarwal (4 months ago)
Watch this Video. It will change your life in binary trading
jean louis frances (4 months ago)
buenas yo tengo 2 meces aprox haciendo exactamente lo mismo del vídeo paso a paso, pero no me da buenos resultados !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Akshara Lal (3 months ago)
Lo mejor de la opción de comercio binario es cuando obtienes a un corredor profesional que tiene una magnífica estrategia y hace negocios sin miedo, estoy hablando del señor Salman Hassan, este corredor es el mejor que he visto o escuchado. Envíe esta dirección de correo electrónico salmanhassan027 @ gmail. com si sinceramente necesita ayuda en el comercio.
LEVI ACKERMAN (4 months ago)
that is not Right
wiljavi007 (4 months ago)
Hola que pena molestarte que hora es conde vives gracias 😉
Sarah mangal (3 months ago)
Las opciones binarias me elevaron a un lugar donde puedo pagar cualquier cosa en la vida. todo el aprecio va a este agente sensacional Sr. Salman por rescatarme de este reino. He ganado tanto dinero con su estrategia, ¿diría que es el mejor? Absolutamente es excelente. Siempre puede ubicarlo en esta dirección de correo electrónico: salmanhassan027 @ gmail. com
Еооо Проо (4 months ago)
Привет благодарю вам больше )
dekdee mang (4 months ago)
iq options strategy (4 months ago)
ModernZONE (4 months ago)
May music
Garrett Melton (4 months ago)
If you wanna lose everything this is your strategy .
Warrior Trading (3 months ago)
Hello Garret if you have lost money in trading i can help you recovery your lost money I would like to know what broker you trade with and what account type you are operating, there are different account types Basic, Bronze, Gold, Platinum and VIP, which of these is your account type? Where do you reside presently? Kindly provide me with your phone number so i can give you a call later in the day when i am less busy.
Binary Options Profit (4 months ago)
mt4 indicators for sell
Vusal Besirov (4 months ago)
What is song name?

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