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iq Option - 16$ to 3000$ || Binary Option 100% winning Strategy 2018 || Real Account. new Strategy

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Technical RG (1 month ago)
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Lilly Evans (15 hours ago)
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Angela Richardson (14 hours ago)
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Kelvin Richard (14 hours ago)
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Angela Richardson (14 hours ago)
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Smart Charles (14 hours ago)
robert is a genius?
Kelly Woodson (14 hours ago)
God bless mr robert walker, trading is made easy with mr robert walker.
Alex Chloe (19 hours ago)
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Thanos Tom (19 hours ago)
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Foster Nicole (19 hours ago)
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Lukasilan (1 day ago)
Como sabe si vender o comprar al cruzarse las lineas?
Motivation Ignition (1 day ago)
I also teach IQ option forex on my videos in channel
Binary Gambling option 100% , dont follow
Hana MI (3 days ago)
Time order 3 14.24 -order 4 15.38 why ... Cut for ....?
Супер!!! Вот трейдер!
Veeru Dada (4 days ago)
Yar ek bar mere account me bhi 10$ se 1000$ dollar bana de , tujhe 500$ ka commission dunga mai , my whatsapp 9559737129
Technical RG (4 days ago)
Me 10 se 1000 apny account me kr k kyu na 1000 apny pas rakhu😋
N Brother'S (11 days ago)
how you do that man...i did too much los in iq ..so please suggest me a best strgty???
Prakash Praaku (7 days ago)
+Technical RG 1.5 lac pkrs , omg 😭😢😞
Maxwell Peters (8 days ago)
Contact Mr. Franncy via ([email protected])
katherine bradley (14 days ago)
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Shirley Briggs (14 days ago)
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Malik Jabbar (14 days ago)
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Johnson Cole (14 days ago)
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the best black (15 days ago)
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AMJAD ABIYATEH (15 days ago)
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Micheal Thomson (15 days ago)
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Fashion Freaks (15 days ago)
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Amir Rasheed Deeda (15 days ago)
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Willians Campos (17 days ago)
what indicator and configuration is it?
melisa calburg (3 days ago)
Willians Campos contact mr Kennedy Harrison he is the real deal when it come to managing account on binary option . He help me out and now I earn big every week
Gonçalo Pinhão (17 days ago)
Hi, how did you set up a short expiration time? My expiration times are 40 mins long
Terry Cena (12 days ago)
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roels doko (17 days ago)
hello what indicator you us
pedro max (10 days ago)
Here is his WhatsApp: +12097910414
yahya assegaff (18 days ago)
bagaimana cara setting RSI nya ?
Jameel Ahmed (20 days ago)
not verified. strange
SuperMU online (22 days ago)
Hello. I can't trade with time expiration. How I can change this ?
Téo Makeyver (24 days ago)
bom video. gostaria de fazer o mesmo com a minha conta.
April Gentry (24 days ago)
Is the legit for the USA because I know some places are not legal for USA
BESTREVIEW out here (8 days ago)
I use closeoption it is good for us in the us but you'd have to use another broker for analysis as they don have analysis tools but they legit and verified in the us
Terry Cena (12 days ago)
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Earning Tips (24 days ago)
Spam video kabhi kud ki video bana dusro ki video leke editing karke upload mat kar
Anan Duong (25 days ago)
Not bad..
Trader Saham (24 days ago)
Hello are you interested in earning money daily. With binary options you can make more income.
alexandros Damian (25 days ago)
Work with Damian and experience success
dakhov rostov (7 days ago)
Damian 100% Real
Cindy Brown (7 days ago)
God bless Damian
alexandros Damian (7 days ago)
Mr Damian's strategy is now upgraded to the latest standard so any user can now apply for higher profit payout, I wish to help and do more if anyone gives me the opportunity feel free to email me on Damianalexandros @gmail. com
alexandros Damian (7 days ago)
+Jocelyn Carter kindly be patient.
Hung Nguyen Thai (27 days ago)
DerTobi (27 days ago)
this music... -.-
FREDERIC MENDOZA (27 days ago)
Amigo esperando tu respuesta ayuda como lo haces.
Mauricio Jácquez (25 days ago)
No tiene una técnica en si, sólo se basa en un indicador
MILIND PISE (28 days ago)
I have question sir Kya real mein one-day mein 2000$ kama sakate hai honestly jawab dijiye
pedro max (10 days ago)
Here is his WhatsApp: +12097910414
Aniyah Kaufman (24 days ago)
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FREDERIC MENDOZA (28 days ago)
Enseña amigo como hacesss
arturas paprastas (29 days ago)
iq option change its not stocks why you lying? 2018/10.19
sa sa (29 days ago)
نصب تصدقوا هذا خداع لو كان كسب المال بهذة السهوله كانو تاجروا كلهم بنفس الطريقة
iq option (29 days ago)
send ur num bro....i will call u
Technical RG (29 days ago)
+61410272410. only WhatsApp
Ronny Dittrich (29 days ago)
Trương Gia Công'S (29 days ago)
Tracie Vardon (30 days ago)
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love world (30 days ago)
BinaryOptions Trader (22 days ago)
love world message me on WhatsApp to copy my millionaire trading Signals +44 7520 673098
Rezgui Choko (1 month ago)
pleez who can helpe me with 20 dolars?
Al Amjade (1 month ago)
Hello sir, What's a strategie you apply
Colebra Vlog (19 days ago)
Trader Saham hi
Punjabi Engineer. (1 month ago)
Ali bhi tusi great o, apka private course na muja boht fydaa diaa. Now ab ma profitable trading kr reha hu. Apna sona veer ali zinda bad
jannat yaha (1 month ago)
100% spam
Poloniex Trades (7 days ago)
+Prakash Praaku Email us at *<[email protected] com>*
Poloniex Trades (7 days ago)
+Prakash Praaku yes
Prakash Praaku (7 days ago)
+Poloniex Trades do you have an email id ?
Melo Meco (1 month ago)
This thing is too risky, I lost all my money in it
Happy Phone (1 month ago)
aryo prabowo (1 month ago)
Strategy you use sir ?
jeeva raj (1 month ago)
Hello San, You will earn money without using any indicator..if yes kindly put that video
Aniyah Kaufman (24 days ago)
You can earn good money without using any indicator but with some good trading signals and strategy profits is assured...add me on whatsapp +44 7520 673098 for more information ...
Musical World (1 month ago)
Bro plz add your voice instead of music..it will be easy then for us to understand
Emmanuel Silver (27 days ago)
Message [email protected] com to get free tutorial on trading...
kelvin e-lloys (1 month ago)
Your vids are never helpfull.i get notified even after unsubscribing.pure nonsense.
Inri Jesus Haas Cobo (1 month ago)
What indicators do you use and what settings
Herculex System (26 days ago)
Inri Jesus Haas Cobo try our indicator. Check my timeline for more information
Jeoffrey Zakka (1 month ago)
Its looks real but many people scammed others alot
Luisa Richter (17 days ago)
Jeoffrey Zakka that's not lie
Dardan Dema (1 month ago)
Thats in a dumy account?? Cool
BinaryOptions Trader (22 days ago)
Dardan Dema Add my management on WhatsApp for free trading Signals +44 7520 673098
Xian Diaz Dahua (1 month ago)
No lo se rick!!!
Mauricio mora muñoz (1 month ago)
Parece falso
Xian Diaz Dahua (1 month ago)
No lo se rick!!!
Jeffery Barton (14 days ago)
Xian Diaz Dahua contact Katie Tutorials on whatsapp +15123996889
How do u trade like a master? Will u please start a group chat and give us signals. Few hundred $ a day is enough. I can pay monthly but how do we trust on a software?
Trader Saham (24 days ago)
I'm a full time binary options trader,I can help and teach you.
Herculex System (26 days ago)
GOUTHAM GUNASEKARAN try my indicator. View the video on my timeline
Usnain Sani (1 month ago)
Video kyu lgata hai bhai? Jb btana nahi hota
Dev Jangid (1 month ago)
Write bhai
Bao Vap (1 month ago)
Why dont you to share your method what you use to everybody
Trader Saham (24 days ago)
If you want to learn about binary options I can teach you.
Aniyah Kaufman (24 days ago)
For better and profitable trading strategy add +44 7520 673098 on whatsapp for trading tips to become profitable ...
Crypto Kannada (1 month ago)
Bro I lost 7000$ plz tell me super stargy
Prakash Praaku (7 days ago)
Guru Kannada davara neevu, super, 7000 $ loss madkondra guru, ?? Be careful of scams guru. Investment in stock market thumba olledu ansuthe
yahya assegaff (1 month ago)
RSI setting ?
DerTobi (27 days ago)
bist du blind?
Vansh Singh gautam (1 month ago)
Contact please
pedro max (10 days ago)
Here is his WhatsApp: +12097910414
Rambhupal Reddy (1 month ago)
Pls give me contact no. My whatsup no 9701810948
Rambhupal Reddy (1 month ago)
Hello sir please help me
Amer Alloush (8 days ago)
وانا بدي مساعده مش عارف اعمل اشي
Solar news (1 month ago)
Hlo plz contact number bro... Help me plz
Poloniex Trades (17 days ago)
Hello Solar news, do you have an email address
I CAN DO IT (1 month ago)
Prakash Praaku (7 days ago)
Lol 😂😂
Chao A (1 month ago)
Hay quá
Power House (1 month ago)
RSI( 19,3,3)?
David Munoz (1 month ago)
Stoch (19,3,3) 80, 20
braian jj (1 month ago)
hello contact?
Tech To Online (1 month ago)
Bhai itna money earn karraheho..woh bhi real account me..mujhe srif 50$ bhej Paoge??😠

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