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GTX 750 Ti vs GTX 660 vs GT 1030 Test in PUBG

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Buy Very Cheap PC Games Use the code ''bench'' for 5% off: http://bit.ly/2hAR3NW GTX 750 Ti 2GB GTX 660 2GB GT 1030 2GB DDR5 intel i3-8100 16 G DDR4 2400 MHz
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Text Comments (510)
Asyuldile VR (1 day ago)
I using GTX 660
adams199 (11 days ago)
2019 still using 660ti 3GB playing pubg on 900p res medium about 70~ fps , low 75+ with some frame drops only inside big cities on vikendi or miramar i believe because my ram is single piece running at single channel
Low Spec (11 days ago)
Gtx750ti 2gb..ram 8gb..can i run it pubg?
lub0.0bul (9 days ago)
T-ReX (13 days ago)
Iam running Gtx 750ti on a 250watt oem psu. It never dissapoint me even on full load.
이은수 (18 days ago)
What about medium or high settings? So sad.
lastbug (26 days ago)
Why somebody buy 1030 just why
Putra Pramudia (1 month ago)
Gtx 750ti.
Dj Markus Freeman (1 month ago)
Наебалово! У gt1030 full hd ,а у gtx 660 и 750 ti hd и не веруйте то что он показал всюду full hd. Ведь на глаз видать что на их более мощная картина в особенности в далеке. Супер чел браво
Rishob Hd (2 months ago)
1:40 looks like gta vice city😂
ツaDiNnN (2 months ago)
I have gt 1030
지나가던육발이 (2 months ago)
Yahya Moudnib (2 months ago)
Gtx 660 2012 Gtx 750ti 2014 Gt 1030 2017
Free Fichier (2 months ago)
Yo juego pubg con 1030 en 1080 a medios y da 40 fps
Marcos Andrade (2 months ago)
I love gtx 660
Web-Fazendeiro (2 months ago)
gt 1030 is the best
qt minari (2 months ago)
125$ can buy a secons hand gtx 1060 3gb here in ph
AdonixD (2 months ago)
i am a gt1030 owner and i am trying to feel better so i click on the video to see that gtx660 is worse just to see that gtx 660 is farm better from gt1030 i am so sad
ghaus ali (2 months ago)
ha! bich.....
Gohãn Jonatha (2 months ago)
Jm Rm (2 months ago)
750ti muy buena grafica siempre
KryoTale (2 months ago)
So bad its very low
EREREERE EREREERE (2 months ago)
Is theGT 1030 is GDDR5 or DDR4?
Conor (2 months ago)
ļïmbø ģămīņğ (3 months ago)
here in philippines gtx 660 is 53 $ only <: gtx 750 ti is 63$ <:
Sl1p3R # (3 months ago)
Gtx 1030 ебень незапятанной воды,за такие средства лучше 750ti брать
an Le Nhat (3 months ago)
What ? Is the 750 ti actually slightly better than 660 ? I watched another benchmark and saw that 660 is much better than 750 ti
Meena Malik (3 months ago)
Am using gt 730 Nvidia 2gb ddr3 128 bit in system hp 8200 tower model core i5 2400 3.10Ghz 3.10 Ghz 8gb RAM Not any SSD. But when i click to Start Match in PUBG then the PC Goes to Hang and not work any thing then p need to cut the power from Electric Socket then p goes to Off. Plz recommend me a good thing for my pc.
Entre a gtx 770 e a 1050 qual a melhor?
Hai Doan (4 months ago)
Taha Tanveer (4 months ago)
Please tell me Dell t3500 is good or not for gaming with gtx 660??
robert (4 months ago)
I'm still using GT630 lol. I'm switching to GTX660 for budget friendly
Sepp3500 (4 months ago)
I can run pubg in medium presets between 40-50 [email protected] on an GTX 750 Ti :) It's possible, because my card has an external Power Connector (6-pin). I OC her and in addition I also flashed the VBios to increase the max. temp target and the power consumption up to 75W. More power consumption is possible but then my card would have an temperature above 90 degree.
Gaming Experience (4 months ago)
This so fake ..please delete your channel ! 50 FPS MIN =50 FPS AVG get a lifeeee
Johansen (5 months ago)
The GT 1030 has bottleneck with i3-8100...
ThEpicSoul (5 months ago)
gtx 750 ti because you can find this card on aliexpress for around 50 to 60 bucks while the gt 1030 is just not a good card as u see the fps but the gtx 660 if still pretty good but it draws more power but if you see a gtx 660 cheaper than a gtx 750 ti i guess its good
Gnem Shy (5 months ago)
gt1030 had cuda cores divide by +/-3, so nothing special...
Tatti Gamer (5 months ago)
In India , GTX 750 ti is about 140 USD, that's idiotic
Benjike 333 (5 months ago)
i have 1030 :(
Szklon (2 months ago)
I have Intel HD Graphics And GT 730 I will have GTX 1060 6GB
Generic Gaming (3 months ago)
Very good card !
Rakesh Sardar (5 months ago)
GT 1030 is called little beast. It has low power consumption ability. can give High texture with the low setting. Not much different from GTX 750 ti. and it has low price than other two. GT 1030 is better. :D
One Thicc Samurai (2 months ago)
Except you have 30% worse performance omegalul.
Albania Gaming (2 months ago)
a used gtx 750 ti has the same price than gt 1030😉
Steve Smith (5 months ago)
I guess depends where you live, most places the 750ti is cheaper
ICHSAN HSR (5 months ago)
I still use gtx 1080 ti
parikshit Verma (6 months ago)
I still use a gt 610
Oscar banana (6 months ago)
I use 750ti so cool
Potato Player (6 months ago)
i still use gt 640 1gb from 2006 lol
Maximum Master (6 months ago)
У меня тоже 750ти
Nizz (6 months ago)
Background music?
하얀색 (6 months ago)
Gtx 750ti you will be remember in people's head. Rip 750ti. Gtx 750ti 너는 사람들에게 기억될것이다. 고 750ti (x를 눌러 joy를 표하십시오)
Sanji (6 months ago)
gtx 660 FTW
noleftturnunstoned (6 months ago)
Maxwell was so awesome.
CloKo Games (6 months ago)
Why do I watch this? I gonna buy a gtx 1060 3gb
nikita (6 months ago)
CPU загружен на 10-15% меньше у gt1030
Thomas Michael (6 months ago)
Las 700 no son gtx son gt vaya tela
massimo mare (6 months ago)
Every new nvidia is worse than the previous ones
Leo (6 months ago)
Why my gtx580 gets 70fps?
Заур (6 months ago)
750ti приметно слабее чем gtx 660. Че там с дровами???
Ex Fire (6 months ago)
Чо дурачина ?
Артур Берген (6 months ago)
Спасибо ебарям из нвидиа, за последние пол года я на 100% удостоверился что ебал брать их видяхи...если у амд практически с каждым драйвером способности видяхи вырастают, то у зеленоватых... пиздец они обнаглели....
FRAZE (6 months ago)
одолел путин
plamen jekov (6 months ago)
1030 seems like a scam !! older cards runn better !!
Steve Smith (6 months ago)
the 1030 is not really meant to be a gaming card. it's more a psudeo office pc and light gaming card it low profile and consumes very little power so it's possible to put it in sff pc cases I'd only recommend it in that situation. If you have a full tower, then you should not get one.
Ajxx 99 (6 months ago)
I hate this game and fortnite
Marphey (6 months ago)
Is there any actual point in buying gt 1030 ? XD
Steve Smith (6 months ago)
it's for small form factor pc's that have shitty psus
ハリネズミ (6 months ago)
HellNo video (6 months ago)
so i must buy 750ti or 660? :(
余晖 (6 months ago)
i have a gtx650
Serko Kaya (6 months ago)
respect to people who can afford these cards on their budget. these times every retard consumer wants to have best things while overpaying for fps. entertainment is more tha. splasing money to companys. enjoy your gaming guys
Граф 77 (6 months ago)
Не может что бы 750 обошла 660! не верю!!!!!
Szklon (6 months ago)
Szklon (2 months ago)
+SeRvEtEl- ul I know everything now
Dennis Rivas (5 months ago)
Gt1030 TDP Wins
Steve Smith (6 months ago)
cause it's a model ending in 30? anything lower than 50 isn't even marketed for gaming.
SeRvEtEl- ul (6 months ago)
excuse me what what the fuuuuck? do you know some computer basics?
Yusuf Stone (6 months ago)
I expected better result from 660 , totally disappointed
FLASH (6 months ago)
my 5770, 560 died i have 1050 and 1070 :/ in the past my town's internet cafe has 750ti it was great but not now
K3Vz0ツ (6 months ago)
Anyone else with GTX1060?
Aditya Dhir (6 months ago)
Very very much fake video, gtx 750ti and GT 1030 are almost same
The Last Bullet Dodger (6 months ago)
If u playing CS GO u must buy 750 ti and i getting 100-90 fps with low graphics
Bod1ch Pwl (5 months ago)
i have 150-200 fps with gt1030 (map mirage)
Alex Takacs (6 months ago)
gtx 660..old but gold.. fuck my 1060..gotta use my 660 just because my love for it
Geo K (6 months ago)
1030 is a joke
isch bin Kirito (6 months ago)
750ti or 1050?
Defaulter (6 months ago)
Martin Vilte (6 months ago)
洪天樂 (6 months ago)
if i play gta gtx 750 ,ok?
Andrea Prudente (6 months ago)
gtx 660 = gtx 750ti = gtx 850 = gt 940 = gt 1030 but something gone wrong on the street and gtx 660 > > of gt 1030 after 5 long year. GG nvidia very nice.
jason reborn (6 months ago)
The thumb nail is the same
Brandon (6 months ago)
hahah trash
I use GTX 1050TI
JamesVeee Gaming (6 months ago)
my pubg in 1040 its not 40 fps lol its 60-70 dafuq
Gsonz (6 months ago)
Your CPU is at 90% Usage Wtf. If you would use any better GPU, your CPU would be bottlenecking
Kick butoxy (6 months ago)
Bublik (6 months ago)
Сосать всем!У меня интегрированная графика в проц:)
GT4tube (6 months ago)
TDP: GT1030 - 30W GTX750ti - 60W GTX660 - 140W lol
Carlos (1 month ago)
+DriftMine14 Gaming What a waste of energy xD , but its a good video card
DriftMine14 Gaming (1 month ago)
Szklon I have gtx 580 1.5gb 244w
Szklon (2 months ago)
My Motherboard has TDP 6W lol
Robert Aillery (2 months ago)
+Taha Tanveer I have a t3500 with a Xeon w3530 and a GTX 760 was perfect
Taha Tanveer (4 months ago)
Please tell me Dell t3500 is good or not for gaming with gtx 660??
THE BIG GAMER (6 months ago)
1080 ti best lol
Xandy Gamer (6 months ago)
Ofc not dude, the best gpu is GTX 3,14.
FREAKIN' GAMERS POINT (6 months ago)
+adri dell ZTX 3080 ti legendary lol
adri dell (6 months ago)
RTX 2080Ti Best lol
Keegan Wilson (6 months ago)
I'm not shutting on xbox or anything but it took me a minute to realise this was not xbox
Keegan Wilson (6 months ago)
Also I'm not shutting on xbox. Namely because I own an xbox and I don't own a computer
Keegan Wilson (6 months ago)
I was up at 2 am sorry
R3sPecT? (6 months ago)
It even says to press number 0 to release parachute
R3sPecT? (6 months ago)
Konas-igg what??? How?
LelouchLamperouge235 (6 months ago)
I think in most other games 1030 GDDR5 is much closer to 750Ti in performance.
Anarcxh (6 months ago)
if you on a budget get ryzen and try to upgrade in the future the 7870 is good as well at 20-40 used
Alakay (6 months ago)
Good Music, Name?
Uwdoa Jadfvgh (6 months ago)
Pup G
Geovane Sampaio (6 months ago)
Ta errada essa GT1030 ai por que aqui em casa com o I3 3240 roda no médio com 60fps máximos e 32 mínimos
Xandy Gamer (6 months ago)
Essa é a versão "Capada" da 1030, aquela que veio depois com SDDR4 e não o GDDR5 que fez a placa explodir no custo benefício e no desempenho que oferecia (por apenas 250-350 reais), daí após lançar a SDDR4 ela veio por esses preços e a GDDR5 subiu pra 450+ R$, ou seja, ficando como uma das piores GPUs desse valor.. Já que nessa faxa dava pra comprar uma RX muito superior... (Ou R7 a R9)
Bogdan Laban (6 months ago)
Gtx 750 ti is 70 $ Best gpu ever
nodo qutashvili (20 hours ago)
in my country gtx 960 ti for 56 $ xD :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
TheAbstractedGamer TAG (2 months ago)
Can't find original in amazon
Brand Bishop (3 months ago)
I got it for 50$ on amazon
Finn Joseph (4 months ago)
660 is better.
yurilibo (5 months ago)
+Rochelle Rock compra no Aliexpress, tá uns 200 reais
ReMix /Leq3nD (6 months ago)
i use 1050 ti 3x fps
Andrey Shatl (6 months ago)
2600k + 12gb ram + 750Ti resolution 1680x1050 = 60fps all time
don Hanzo (6 months ago)
Fake tests
Arif Raja (6 months ago)
what how 750ti win?
Anri_Game (6 months ago)
У меня 750Ti))
Brandon (6 months ago)
тоже 750 ti 4 GB)))
Jim Georgiev (6 months ago)
i wonder if these results have changed with the newest updates
malboro.bro. Bro (6 months ago)
750ti по сей денек за не недешево наилучшая видяха 110%
TheRyzhikPlayer :D (6 months ago)
1050Ti будет лучше в новейших играх, ну-ка и 750Ti не от стоёт)
moriart13 (6 months ago)
7950 не недешево наилучшая видяха
Havalı Sido (6 months ago)
orosbu cocu anani skm
knight night nite (6 months ago)
nediyon amk sakin ol sadnaldknaopdj
joel alexander Samaniego (7 months ago)
did you overclock any of the parts?
MaGNiFiCo (7 months ago)
fake gt1030 будто 660 и 750 ti зайдите на мой канал удостоверьтесь
Ginel Raicu (7 months ago)
En la 1030 aunque este en bajo se ve bien
Dennis Rivas (5 months ago)
y gasta menos energía... me ahorre una fuente y tengo buenos fps
Francisco Panzas (6 months ago)
+ShadowDasher MX y como te va :o (fps)
ShadowDasher MX (7 months ago)
Yo uso la 660 en fortnite :v
Takuya (7 months ago)
Name of the song ?

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