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Investment Strategies! The 5 Stock Market Investment Strategies!

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Today we discuss investments strategies. There are really only 5 stock market investment strategies and today we will discuss all the different investment strategies. My Twitter Page https://twitter.com/givemethegoodz My favorite book on Investing http://amzn.to/2cDS2ZY My second Favorite book on Investing http://amzn.to/2cQqPDD My favorite book on business http://amzn.to/2cfY71k My favorite Personal Finance http://amzn.to/2ckIqUE My favorite movie about the stock market http://amzn.to/2cQLLx1 My second favorite movie about the stock market http://amzn.to/2cGyxhL My favorite movie about business http://amzn.to/2cGzLcI Awesome Camera I use http://amzn.to/2cGznuW Professional Microphone I use http://amzn.to/2d5eLh5 Nice affordable Tripod I use http://amzn.to/2cfXPaD Bright lighting set I use http://amzn.to/2cQMw9B Laptop I use to Edit http://amzn.to/2d5dJ4U Camera I use for professional business photography http://amzn.to/2ckGLP6 Drone I use for my Business http://amzn.to/2ctNlAw
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Text Comments (83)
Trump Nation (27 days ago)
I like using Acorns. https://acorns.com/invite/NUHXX3 It diversifies the portfolios based on your desired risk all without you having to interact. You get $5 invested free with this link. It also links to your bank so when you make a purchase it rounds to the next dollar and invests the change. Your literally investing with spare change.
ankita rathi (28 days ago)
For tips on share markets and investment advice, you could avail the services provided by Arvind Bajaj and visit his website http://www.arvindbajajjackpotking.com/ for understanding the stock market investment procedures, tips and tricks.
ha (4 months ago)
I buy on limit only and price a bit lower to cut losses if any. So far I have made 1600 in 1 month and 2 weeks
Michel Johnson (1 year ago)
Great job, good info for everyone!! Well, I have also found a very impressive quantitative research and statistical analysis related video for companies "Know About Stocks 101, Exchange Traded Funds and Index Funds" by #HumanStartupson YouTube. I suggest you to checkout the same as this channel has some more impressive Vlogs to make better investment decision and tips & related videos regarding better, clear & concise investment decisions, investment planning strategy. Enjoy the videos, Cheers!!!
Jason Webb (1 year ago)
Diversify! Invest in some for long term. make spending cash on the daily!
buddytheweim (1 year ago)
Can’t start my day without hearing you say “TooDay”
Daniel Agoston (1 year ago)
Great vid. Finally someone who understands. Thumbs up
Justin De La Cruz • (1 year ago)
I've been practicing day trading on many virtual trading platforms and in my most recent platform I've started I've gained over 8k in just 6 days from starting with 20k. I do check charts but I don't skimp on taking time on properly evaluating a stock.
Brieuc Kervyn (1 year ago)
Hey! I really love your videos <3 your guiding me through my financial choices... I'm a newbie trader, i make generally holding stocks for 1 day to maximum 2 week. So, I'm a really short term trader. Actually I choose this strategy to maximise my profits due to a small amount of money invested. During my first trading month I managed to gain 8% of my total invested cash in benefits. My choices are made by looking a lot on the news of different companies i'm investing, like twitter news, Facebook and also youtube videos. I'ld love to have more new stocks videos, you talking about new companies, becoming public or just rocking IPS, or balance sheets rocking. Continue making videos like this one! Cheers!
mrspeigle1 (1 year ago)
you forgot a 6th investment strategy, the income/drip strategy. your not necessarily targeting growth but rather a dividend payment wich you use to purchase more stock. (i suppose this could be considered a long term investment) this strategy allowed me to purchase a house and is yeilding 10% anual returns in my portfolio.
FireRonin (1 year ago)
Do you apply a lot of technical analysis on your trades?
Syed Ahmed (1 year ago)
FireRonin Technical, I doubt he applies because its usually used by short term traders
Triggered TV (1 year ago)
i do medium and short stock i make moeny buy looking for upcoming flagship products that are coming out in say 3 to 9 mounths then sell out on the day of the relise a also dable in day trading just to keep me active but i dont make to much money on it maby £10 a day tops but i dont lose money mainly beacuse things like oil almost always go up later and erly so i buy mid day when its lower
girltalkismyfav (2 years ago)
Do you invest in any overseas companies. I'm based in the UK and interested in a lot of companies listed in the US but FX risk puts me off
Jaziel Llanes (2 years ago)
I day trade with robinhood app with no fee per trade. Its high risk because I put down about 10k per trade but end up making about 250-350 a day. Every time I have gone long term i end up losing so i stick with day trading
sfk1066 (2 years ago)
Would taxes be very complicated if doing daytrading?
Financial Education (2 years ago)
+sfk1066 no
ruben rivera (2 years ago)
are u planning to do any cannabis stock video. all of ur subscribers want a video
Freddie Butler (2 years ago)
how do you feel about LMT vs BA ?
Freddie Butler (2 years ago)
how do you feel about cover call is that a way of making a weekly or monthly income or is that kind of risky like?
Younes Henni (2 years ago)
You follow the peter lynch approach ;)
Brend Caluwe (2 years ago)
canopy growth went up 10,55% in one day yesterday :o
Hadi Yousef (2 years ago)
Jeremy, I created an app that makes it super easy to listen to company earnings calls. Would love to share it with you- what's the best way to get in contact?
HumbleInvestor (2 years ago)
good work! what about an index fund? honestly look at a broad market index fund returns and your portfolio returns and ask the question, why bother!
Financial Education (2 years ago)
+HumbleInvestor index funds are great for people who don't want to put in the work to be an individual stock picker
Matthew W. (2 years ago)
Great Video! Could u do a stock comparison between VFC and HBI??? Thanks😁
James Jaden Knight (2 years ago)
Can you also do a video on the fastest most reliable way to earn $500k through investing in under 30 years.
James Jaden Knight (2 years ago)
Can you do a video on the safest place to invest your money to get the maximum rate of return for 10 or 20 years.
Sorbon87TJK (2 years ago)
btw do you use gopro drone camera to film for your videos at the end? looks nice.
Sorbon87TJK (2 years ago)
Financial Education gotcha. really nice work! maybe one day you will own that drone camera and do your own videos since ypu are in photography business... i wonder how it will come out.
Financial Education (2 years ago)
+Sorbon87TJK most of the clips are from my dji phantom
Sorbon87TJK (2 years ago)
it is funny that there is always 1 or 2 who thumbs down.. lol. great video Jeremy. "today" you say it best :)
Maygunn C (2 years ago)
Look forward to your videos every DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Financial Education (2 years ago)
Meggiemeg Curtis 👌🏽😄
Xtalmeth (2 years ago)
My favorite short term stock is IVR. Buy in at 14.50 and sell around 15.30. Plus 10% dividends
Financial Education (2 years ago)
Xtalmeth Telow thanks for sharing!
biscuitsleo (2 years ago)
I heard Apple may buy GoPro what's your thoughts n that
Financial Education (2 years ago)
biscuitsleo i have not seen a credible rumor on that so no opinion
Samuel Alvarez (2 years ago)
Can we have an "update" on the UAA stock :) even just a short 3 minute vid, or a response to this comment
Crypto Daws (2 years ago)
I tryed be a medium term investor. I've made tons of money but i usally sold to soon and also the taxe is a lot more short term. Im starting to be a long term trader, Also im only 14.
Samuel Alvarez (1 year ago)
You are welcome
Soy Verga (1 year ago)
+Samuel Alvarez Thank you so much
Samuel Alvarez (1 year ago)
You can set up a custodial account through your parents that you can give the money to your parents to put into the account. Unfortunately, according to the government we are both minors and cannot open our own accounts. I have to be 18 before I can open my own account, and I believe that the age you have to be varies by state. The nice thing is, when you turn of age you can transfer stocks from the custodial to your own personal account. Also, when open your own account I would highly suggest opening a Roth IRA.
Allan Powell (2 years ago)
I do some day trades for fun, if they look good they can turn into swing trades.
Justin De La Cruz • (1 year ago)
How are you day trading for fun. How much do you invest????
Ryan Scribner (2 years ago)
Regarding day trading, what is your opinion of Tim Sykes?
SOUNDDUO MUSIC (2 years ago)
Tim Sykes has an alert fee of 74$ a month, I've used it for a while and have traded very high risk stocks that jump from .50 to2$. Its great for high volume day and swing trades. A true definition of a penny stock is stocks under 5$ and some say 10$. If you trade on the MACD and Stochastics his alerts are very, very good but the draw back of using anything like this is that you have to be looking at the market ALL the time and do extensive research on failing companies. If you can integrate trades like this it can add value to your trading style but it is very risky if you are just starting out I do admit.
Phil (2 years ago)
Financial Education
The Bear (2 years ago)
Tim sykes is a fake guru , he thinks he knows what he is doing but he just miks off his Programme subscribers and pretends he knew that would happen. He made some good calls at the start but not worth it.
Ben J (2 years ago)
In day trading you described 'scalping' which is one of several day trading strategies. Some day traders are in trades for hours. The good scalpers are more right than wrong which is why they're profitable, just like Binary Options turbo traders who are up against it by risking 1 for at best .94, but some are still profitable.
Bccdragon (2 years ago)
Warrior trading is a day trading community. He started the beginning of the year with $~600. He is now over 30k day trading. It's inspirational.
Omeng Bee (2 years ago)
Can you go over AMBARELLA's Financials and your opinion if it's a good investment?
Financial Education (2 years ago)
+Bccdragon dang very nice!
Playerrr Bottt (2 years ago)
great video btw... very informative. that goes without saying.
Playerrr Bottt (2 years ago)
Super Long Term investment... sounds like how I subscribe to Silver Springs Networks Inc. (SSNI). Even though 10 to 15 years is a long time to look, since they are a smaller company with a nation and other countries benifiting from their products already, maybe you would enjoy covering them as a company. They're new CEO is Mike Bell of Intel/Apple and he's taking them up. I'd love to hear your opinion on them and their weird balance sheet one day, Professor Jeremy! they have no debt I am not good with balance sheets your opinion is so wanted on SSNI
DJ simon (2 years ago)
you forgot the final stock market investment strategy: "Event Investment": This is where the investor buys stock just before , during or after an event and sells quickly after . for example buying stock before the general election and selling right after.
Playerrr Bottt (2 years ago)
Thanks so much for your reply & honesty!!!! You rock! IDK which is more important from all the types of revenues, gross income, and GAAP non-GAAP :( I still have to learn... but honestly, I feel that the IoT will be a huge market. Analyst say in the billions by 2020. SSNI competition WOULD be companies like Intel, GE, Verizon, Amazon, and varies others (very diverse competition) but the thing about SSNI is that they've been at it for almost 2 decades, have patents and win their cases (which is extremely important in the tech industry) , and because of this they have a HUMOUNGOUS foothold in the industry. They signed a contract in 2015 to lead Signapore with their Smart Nation initiative the country is doing since they've become a sovereign nation, and won a 1 Billion contract with Con Edison in 2016 to light up New York City. You like detail an those are only a few things. I know very little about investing, I don't own a business, but all of those moves sound great to me. I think they'll make it. Its like the video you did applauding the guy who took that chip company who made chips for apple and soared... Maybe this could be it :) Sorry so long.
Financial Education (2 years ago)
+Dy Lo I looked into them. The business was out of my circle of competence so it is not one I will be investing in or doing a video on. Their revenue grew 7% last quarter I did see, however their gross margin went down quote a bit. What is your opinion on them?
Tdell Productions (2 years ago)
there are a bunch of people making money from day trading, go look up warrior traders ross he even has free chat rooms on monday and you can watch him trade live, he has been making about 200k year over year doing this strategy
SurreaLxTacticS (2 years ago)
Jeremey can you breakdown TYL !?
Cameron McIvor (2 years ago)
Is sort term trader same as swing trader🤔?
Financial Education (2 years ago)
+Cameron McIvor generally speaking yes. A swing trader is usually a short term trader
RealLife Money (2 years ago)
Awesome! I have that 1-3 year thinking as well. I feel like day trading you can lose your mind.
Financial Education (2 years ago)
+RealLife Money the 1-3 year medium term investing is for sure what I love and what Im good at. Day trading does look very hard to be successful at over time
Short. (2 years ago)
Great video, thank you. I also recently uploaded a video... :D :-)
bmoc888 (2 years ago)
these strategies are useful! I am curious to know your thoughts on cannabis stocks? I am a stock market noob, and am looking to invest for the first time. I have been studying cannabis over the past 4 months, and it seems many states and even countries are getting ready to legalize and accept it to at least SOME degree. I've been looking into: ABBV ,GWPH, INSY, CARA, SMG, AND CGC (A penny stock) I love your videos, and you seem quite knowledgeable. what are your thoughts on this?
Financial Education (2 years ago)
+NGE0001 that is a great way of looking at things there!
NGE0001 (2 years ago)
You might just want to buy tobacco stocks then as if the cannabis industry does really take off Big T is in the perfect position to just buy it up. Altria for example is busy lobbying on regulation that small cannabis firms will have to follow in the years to come. When mid size companies start to show they will just buy them out right and integrate into their operations. Tobacco stocks also combin good capital growth with good dividends and dividend growth. They are also very defensive so if the market crashes in the years ahead they will still do better than most
Kyle Livingston (2 years ago)
love your channel keep it up, I do pretty much every kind of trade you've machined. my last trade ironically was GPRO and ive found instead of trying to gamble on ER just find yourself a hyped up company and buy it a few weeks before earnings and gamble on the people that are gambling I managed to make about 14 percent gains in 3 weeks off the people gambling ER for gpro sold the day of ER just to watch it tank on AH
Nick Pang (2 years ago)
Hey can someone please explain why AMD stock prices increased by so much on Feb1 and also MDCO similarly on Feb3, is this normal or is it caused by something I'm not aware of ??
Ryan Scribner (2 years ago)
I just invested in AMD again after the Q4 earnings per share were better than expected. Also Barron's expects the stock to double in a year. Both of these sent the stock into an uptrend.
Nate O'Brien (2 years ago)
That was a really nice explanation of different strategies. I've personally been using fundamental analysis for my investments but I am attempting to integrate some technical analysis into my trading habits as well.
JM7 (2 years ago)
Very great video!
Financial Education (2 years ago)
+JM7 glad you enjoyed!
Julius Maennig (2 years ago)
Financial Education (2 years ago)
+Julius Maennig :)) 🤙🏽
SUPREME.T (2 years ago)
great video!
Financial Education (2 years ago)
+SUPREME.T thanks!

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