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Logitech Mouse Comparison - MX Master vs Performance vs Revolution

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Here we take a journey through time and check out the differences between the Logitech MX Revolution, MX Performance, and MX Master mice to see how things have changed and improved over time throughout different generations of the mouse. Buy a Logitech mouse here: http://amzn.to/1WV1GbU See my full review on the Logitech MX Master here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RUDvdIMQ8M --- Follow me here --- Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/JarrodsTech Google+ - https://plus.google.com/+JarrodsTech/ We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.
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Text Comments (86)
Richard Dower (4 days ago)
So you happen to know the weight of each mouse ?
Jarrod'sTech (4 days ago)
I don't, but it's probably found on the spec page on the Logitech website for each model.
Mohammad Ikhsan (2 months ago)
I bought my M950 in 2010 and it's still working fine today and I have replaced the AA NiMH 3 or 4 times. I consider the MX Master use of proprietary built-in battery a significant downgrade as it will eventually wear down finding replacement won't be easy
Jarrod'sTech (2 months ago)
Yeah the MX performance at least has user changeable battery. I still use my MX Master from 2010 at work, only downside is the huge USB stick for it.
Regis Levesque (5 months ago)
Great review. I have 2 Mx Revolution and just love it. Of course, it's old but I that time, it was my top pick. Setting the buttons is easy and can be set base on my preference. If tomorrow, Logitech coming back with the same mouse with the laser precision updated, I would buy again.
Jarrod'sTech (5 months ago)
Thanks! Yeah the revolution really was a revolution haha
Franck Kerisit (7 months ago)
i still have that first one and the second one too and this brings me to my next purchase : )
Jarrod'sTech (7 months ago)
Nice! I'm using the MX Revolution right now haha, I use it at at work and keep the Master for home 👌
ALEX MALS (10 months ago)
Best mouse
Jarrod'sTech (10 months ago)
Yeah pretty good!
Philip Amedanu (1 year ago)
why you talking like that?
Jarrod'sTech (1 year ago)
Like what?
Bruce King (1 year ago)
Very nice comparison. I've used logitech Wireless mice for over a decade and rarely been disappointed. And when I have been their customer support has been amazing. Sent me replacement devices within the blink of an eye when I had charging issues with an MX Revolution and the DiNovo keyboard. I personally went MX1000 -> Revolution MX -> Performance MX -> G602 -> G900. I found the hump on the master seemed a little larger and less comfortable than the previous generation mice, and wanted some more shortcut keys for photo editing and other productivity tasks along with higher sensitivity for gaming. Also as noted the logo and back of the mouse got worn and shiny, often making the product look worse. The rubberized back of the G602 proved to be more durable than the previous rubberized parts of mice and solved this, along with replacing the rubber sides of the mouse with a textured plastic to provide grip rather than rubber. This made the G602 the logi(tech)cal choice for me. I had two of them and found them to be comfortable and very useful and accurate for productivity tasks. I'm now contemplating the latest MX Master 2S as this provides the higher sensitivity I felt these mice lacked when you moved up to 2560x1440 and higher resolution screens.
Jarrod'sTech (1 year ago)
Yeah the 2S sounds interesting, especially with the larger battery, but I probably won't personally be upgrading, my regular old master does the job for now :p let me know how you go with it if you get it!
pacificWebsurfer (1 year ago)
you do realise you can download setpoint and map the buttons to do whatever you want, including granular settings defined by having the mouse in the active window for any open applications ? to me, that's the whole beauty of the mx1100 and revolution...
Jarrod'sTech (1 year ago)
Yes. I haven't tried that mouse.
Marko Mircea (1 year ago)
I hate the RUBBER on Performance. It's kind of gross, also the shape is... idk. I changed 2 due to right click failure. Now using MX Master 2S... love it but again, there is something with the feel I don;t really like, I use the CLAW lol and love the MX Anywhere 2.
Jarrod'sTech (1 year ago)
+Ian Strom yeah definitely takes a while of real use to know how things like this will end up. I'm actually starting to see some of the rubber material on my MX master come off in the same way, but it's no where near as bad as the MX performance and took way longer to start happening, maybe fixed in the new version you have
Marko Mircea (1 year ago)
Funny, at the time I was using MX Performance I used to date a lot and one of my girlfirends said "Ewwww I won't touch that" I swear I felt so baaad lol filthy rubbery mouse... The MX Master is much much clean, as in shape and materials used. Even the MX Anywhere 2S uses a harder material, not that much grip but it's more pleasant idk. Thank you for a good comparison, everybody does reviews but few do comparisons, and yours has real life value, much appreciated!
Jarrod'sTech (1 year ago)
Yeah the rubber on the performance really sucks :(
Huey Bui (1 year ago)
Thanks for the Review. Like you, I've gone through the Revolution and the Performance. Thinking of getting the Master, so, your Review was definitely helpful. Thanks gain.
Jarrod'sTech (1 year ago)
+Huey Bui cool :) I'd be interested in hearing how you find it compared to the older models!
Sandy (1 year ago)
Are you a left hander ? You click are all on the right side of the mouse.
Jarrod'sTech (1 year ago)
Nope, right hander!
Daniel Tomberlin (1 year ago)
It's sad that you under utilized the Logitech MX Revolution Wireless Rechargeable mouse. Below are some corrections on your review regarding this rare and wonderful mouse. 1) The middle scroll wheel does have a middle button and L/R side scroll "buttons" and it does not need to be pressed to go into free spin, there are 4 options and that is one of the four. This technology can be adjusted in SmartPoint so that you simply just spin the wheel at an adjustable speed to switch the scroll to free spin (see SmartShift). Nothing can compare to this seamless transition, especially since you do not need to click an additional button to enable this feature which is a step back in tech and waste of real estate. 2) The side "scroll" is not a scroll function. It is a unique 3 button feature that allows you to push it forward, backwards, and directly into the mouse. All motions will resetting back into it's original position with a nice feel. 3) All buttons can be programmed to do something else listed it Logitech's SetPoint Settings or you can assign a keyboard key. That includes the 3 button ratchet/free spin scroll, the unique 3 button wheel, the 2 thumb ridge buttons, and even the tiny zoom button. That's 11 buttons including the standard L/R click. This mouse came with the Logitech MX 5500 Cordless Desktop Revolution Keyboard for a decent price, but cannot be found like this new anymore. The keyboard was nothing fancy but the mouse is still awesome, still rocking a long lasting recharge. You cannot buy this mouse for under $100 anymore as it's is a one of a kind. I've had for over 7 years and only the right scroll button needs an extra umph to get it to work. Everything else is still working great, including the ratchet/free spin tech. I FPS game regularly for 3-4 hour sessions and use it daily for other things, but got in the habit of cradling it so not to worry about charging issues. If I ever had to replace it I'd consider the Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse with the extra thumb buttons, even though it doesn't have the side scroll buttons and free spin tech (great from web scrolling).
Bruce King (1 year ago)
2) Yes, it was what I'd refer to as a "jog shuttle" that a wheel. I used that for many different functions when playing WoW in the past. Loved the mouse and still have it in a drawer somewhere. As a fact I had a 2006 MX Revolution hooked up to a Mac mini at work recently. It had better support that the modern cordless logitech keyboard I was using with that machine. Crazy. Currently using a slightly newer Performance MX as the rubber is in better condition. Great equipment that just keeps on working! The only things I've had to "fix" on these are replacement feet :)
N03ntry (1 year ago)
I cant believe someone owned a mouse for 6 years of this "caliber" and didn't go and set it up properly. I can't imagine life without auto free-spin mode. :D
quanjano (1 year ago)
i bought the performance at a garage sale for $10 and it is pretty good
Jarrod'sTech (1 year ago)
Nice that's a pretty good deal!
my cats (1 year ago)
Thank you! I've been trying to find a good rechargeable wireless laser mouse for my mother (who is a bit technically challenged). I think the Master might be easy enough for her to use and she will love the ability to recharge.
Jarrod'sTech (1 year ago)
No problem, yeah I think she will find it pretty easy to use, being able to charge while using is a great feature too.
Peter Harper (1 year ago)
GREAT Job! Thanks for a really complete review!
Jarrod'sTech (1 year ago)
Yeah battery life has definitely improved. I had a much smaller Logitech mouse for my laptop and the batteries literally lasted months using it day to day at uni, very low power use.
Peter Harper (1 year ago)
Looking to make a new computer for the living-room need 4K gaming you know on my "old" LG 65UH7700 tv. Hard to play 3 feet away with wired mouse. Wireless Logitech K811 keyboard looks really good (Has a few Apple Keys) or K810 for no Apple keys. Sure have come a long way since the first wireless keyboards that had to change batteries about every three days.
Jarrod'sTech (1 year ago)
Hey no problem, glad you liked it!
vdochev (1 year ago)
I use G502 Spectrum for my desktop PC and an MX Master is on its way for my laptop and work PC.
Jarrod'sTech (1 year ago)
I've got two (one at work and one at home) and haven't had any issues at all the whole time, everything has been working fine. I really like the free spinning option when you scroll faster, I use it every day!
vdochev (1 year ago)
Actually I heard that MX master has a problem with the scroll wheel stuck between normal and free wheel which is a bummer because at work I deal with excell sheets that have large number of rows. So now I will not use a free scroll because I'm afraid of breaking it. Anyway I think I'll like the mouse. Did you have any problem with yours?
Jarrod'sTech (1 year ago)
Nice! Hope you like it :)
Adventure Guy (1 year ago)
Don't worry about me! Just rolling with my M310 Well I'm looking at this because it just broke and I want a better mouse
Jarrod'sTech (1 year ago)
That sucks, in my opinion all of these are good mice, but I like the MX master best :)
Mydon Guilbe (1 year ago)
Love these mice, had them all using MX master at the moment.
Jarrod'sTech (1 year ago)
Nice, me too :)
Albert Canil (1 year ago)
Thank you for such a comprehensive review
Jarrod'sTech (1 year ago)
Cheers :)
mr Kagami-sensei (1 year ago)
Well I tried gaming mice and they sucks... I have used mx performance and sold for few $ to a friend (worst decision ever) later I bought Razer Mamba 2012 ... seriouslyyyy I wonder up to this day why I were so stupid... useless mouse with sh***ty dock with a DPI which seriously no-one will use. Now when I get Logitech MX Master I feel happy again. There are so many good deals where in outlet I can get new MX Master for 50% a price. BEST and in my opinion is a best mouse overall even for Mac ;] I dare you to disagree..... ;]
Jarrod'sTech (1 year ago)
I 100% agree, I had a Razer Mamba from around the 2012 period, I never got used to the thing no matter how many times I used it.. Went back to Logitech and haven't changed since.
Shadow Heart (1 year ago)
does anyone know if the MX Master lags or jitters at all like the MX Revolution?
N03ntry (1 year ago)
Have you tried moving the reciever closer to the mouse ? mine does this until I put the receiver really close to it, same thing happened to my MX1000 as well, had to keep moving the reciver closer and closer until it just completely wouldn't work.
Jarrod'sTech (1 year ago)
Thanks, in my opinion the MX master works just as well as a wired mouse. I use the master at home with no issues and a wired mouse all day at work and can't tell any difference between the two, no weird lag or anything like you're describing for me. With that said if I place a laptop near the mouse and transfer a large file over wifi I have noticed that doing this can interfere with the signal of the mouse and will cause it to act strange, however under normal circumstances it's fine unless I do that large high speed transfer, so perhaps it's worth checking if you have any wireless interference that could be causing the problem.
Shadow Heart (1 year ago)
Cheers. I've been using the Revolution for 10 years along side a companion wired mouse (due to the absurd decision to make it unusable while charging). Sometimes while using the Revolution, the pointer doesn't move as smoothly as the wired mouse. Sometimes it stalls for a split second or two. For that, I can't use it for delicate mouse movements (like in Photoshop, for example). I love it for the shortcut keys and would like to upgrade to the Master, but not if it has the same issue. If the Master works as well as a wired mouse when connected, I'll buy it straight away. If it jitters even when connected, I think I'll cry. Do you know if it does? And thanks for the upload. That's a well made video and I like how clean and clear it is.
Jarrod'sTech (1 year ago)
I haven't personally had any issues like this with mine.
NightFlight1973 (2 years ago)
For me the ergonomics have gotten steadily worse. The revolution being the best. I find the revolution superior in ergo and thus have two of them that I keep repairing to keep alive. The Master caused me enough pain within the first week of usage that I could not mouse for the following week at all.
Bruce King (1 year ago)
I too found the hump growth from Revolution to MX Master made it less comfortable and I have hence avoided using the Master model yet.
Jarrod'sTech (2 years ago)
Oh that sucks, I haven't had any pain using any of them :(
Potatocrunch94 (2 years ago)
You do realize you could've reprogrammed that "search" button on Revolution as the middle click?
Jarrod'sTech (2 years ago)
I suppose so, I never tried it or considered doing so. I wonder if I'd be able to get used to it, thumb buttons still feel strange for me and I'd prefer an index finger middle click.
Neatknit (2 years ago)
How come your scroll wheel didn't get stuck. :( Mine got stuck in between rachet and free spin. :(
Jarrod'sTech (2 years ago)
Hmm sounds dodgy, if it's still under warranty maybe try get it replaced?
Derek Kingston (2 years ago)
The MX Revolution is undoubtedly my favorite mouse of all time. I've tried both the Performance MX and MX Master and neither have quite the same natural feeling as the MX Revolution to me. One of my 3 MX Revolutions just recently developed an issue where the left mouse button registers double clicks 50% of the time, while on another the battery now only lasts a couple days as opposed to a couple weeks. It will be a sad day when they all die, but given that they've all had 6+ years of use I can't complain. Good comparison video - still on the lookout for a replacement. Anyone have any thoughts on the MX Revolution vs the G602?
KOVROL (3 months ago)
my 10year old Revo just died, yes I had the double click issue for a year now, so sad but it was my best mice ever in the last 20years. I will try the Master S2 or G703 next week.
Bruce King (1 year ago)
I used the G602, I'd say the hump is maybe slightly flatter than the Performance. I'd say it would be a good option from my experience.
N03ntry (1 year ago)
You can fix the double click issue, it involves taking apart the mouse and opening up the microswitch the parts inside are minute though and easy to accidently flick it and lose it. And the battery can also be replaced in your other mouse. I've just ordered the master on Amazon Cyber Monday deal as my MX Revolution is starting to become really jerky, especially if the USB receiver isn't really close to it.
TheCerule (2 years ago)
Back curve of MX Master is very steep, so there's not much support for the palm. Pressure of the hand is not evenly divided but first joints of index and middle finger get most of it. Left upper angle of the mouse is made sharp for some reason (better looks?) and can easily press on your palm if you don't hold it in certain way. In order to press forward and backward, you have to bend your thumb quite a bit and they are so tiny. Shape and button placement of older MX mice feel much better for me, MX1100 being the best.
Jarrod'sTech (2 years ago)
I haven't personally noticed the back curve, probably because I use a claw grip with my hand so don't really ever touch it.
Hui L (2 years ago)
my favorite MX1100
Aspra (2 years ago)
I have had the old MX Revolution since it came out and the auto fast scroll feature is indeed in the logitech mouse setting. No need to press down on the wheel, like you mentioned for the Master. You could even adjust how fast regular scrolling will engage the fast scroll. It was always how I used the fast scroll feature.
Futendoji (2 years ago)
Jarrod'sTech Thx Man, i dont see any MX on the official website, it also seems like they hopped on the "gaming" trend and forgot tje super ergonomics, i found it on my default online store for 74 chf, just waiting for black Friday to place my arders, just in case :-) Thx again for the interaction, got a sub from me :-p i like your content. keep the good work ; -)
Jarrod'sTech (2 years ago)
Yeah I'd recommend it if you can get one, didn't know they were no longer selling them? I wonder if that means there's a new one on the way.. But yeah it's a really nice mouse that I use every day.
Futendoji (2 years ago)
Jarrod'sTech so you would recommend me to get one before they disappear in store's? since the whole mx series is gone from logitech website. i can get one for roughly 75$ . And thx for the response ; -)
Jarrod'sTech (2 years ago)
+futendoji At first I didn't like the shape of the master too, but now after using it for a few months if I go back the other mice feel weird and small :P so I got used to it I guess.
Futendoji (2 years ago)
doing that, you also got wheel clik edit !: Also the thumb "wheel" can be set to sidescroll or mapped to any key-Macro. My favorite is was the first one, only flaw i had and reason i stoped using it after 8-9 years is the charging dock, it stopped charging it, and yes, i opened it a couple of times to clean and fix it. Im a little rouf whit my mice, also, cant realli talk about the Master, havent used it, i tryed the schape and didnt find it as confortable as the first...
Wonderpierrot (2 years ago)
Great comparison video, but a couple things: The Revolution had the automatic ratchet to free wheel as the MX Master and was actually the first mouse to introduce it; the Performance got rid of that feature for some stupid reason. The Revolution's side wheel can also be easily reprogrammed to do whatever you desire, including side scrolling, not just switching apps. Personally, I felt the Performance was the most ergonomic and comfortable of the three. The Master had a larger protruding bottom and sharper edges, which made it felt uncomfortable if you grip it the wrong way. The thumb button on the Master was also much more difficult to press on the Master than on the Performance, which cause me to not use it entirely. Finally, I actually prefer a removable battery than a built-in one for both longevity and options. You could for instance, swap in a much higher mAh battery with the Performance and double/triple the battery life. If the battery one day dies on the MX Master, you're pretty much SOL as it's not user replaceable. Overall, my rating of the mice is as follows -> MX Master = MX Performance > MX Revolution. My biggest gripe with the MX Revolution is the older laser sensor which is nowhere as accurate as the Dark Field laser. If you ask the majority though, most would say the MX Revolution is still the best.
garywoo3 (1 year ago)
FYI: I've seen some small metal pieces you can install on the switches to fix the double clicking issue on ebay. I have no experience using them though as i have never had this issue on any of my MX Revos.
Futendoji (1 year ago)
Kam Shokar Nice, if you have more questions contact me via pm over mi chanel, and ill give you an email in case you want me to help you whit something, also maybe try to checkout ifixit, they might have a disasembly video. PD: good luck and most of all, have fun, thats most of the time what makes the difference.
Kam Shokar (1 year ago)
You've inspired me to do surgery once again on my MX. Well one of them. I'm going to try removing a good switch from the shitty RF version I bought. If it goes well then I hope to put it into my bluetooth which has the defective one.
Futendoji (1 year ago)
Kam Shokar if i remember correctly theyre omrons and arent even soldered, just put into a socket, but as stated i dont have the revolution at hand, and its been like 3 years that i last opened it, and no i don't work in electronics but i repair all my stuff and mod/hack it, take a paper draw the placing of the screws, and just be gentle, specially at the bottom of the mouse, the contacts to load run around the top, but its prety strong
Kam Shokar (1 year ago)
You work in electronics? I'm concerned about replacing the switch for left click. I'm guessing I have to rip out the circuit board from the casing entirely to get to the bottom of it.
Nil Ojeda (2 years ago)
Nice video bro

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