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YouTube Money Do YouTubers Have to Pay Taxes on YouTube Earnings

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Do You Have to Pay Taxes on YouTube Adsense Earnings? While most people want to know how much money you make on YouTube, what they don't consider about YouTube earnings, is how much money you actually keep after you pay your YouTube Taxes... YouTubers are essentially freelancers or entrepreneurs, YouTube is not a job... you don't get healthcare benefits, there are no W2's and if you live in the United States you pay self employment taxes on your YouTube money earned from adsense monetization and YouTuber sponsorships. RECOMMENDED BUSINESS BOOKS FOR YOUTUBERS Get 2 Free Audio Books from Audible: http://bit.ly/2lK2SQC Creative Inc http://amzn.to/2n0Q5do Start Your Own Business http://amzn.to/2mSdpLe Visual Artist Guide to Legal Forms http://amzn.to/2mF0IX6 Rich B*tch http://amzn.to/2moE5FD MY ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE http://robertoblake.com/freshbooks YOUTUBE IS NOT A JOB IT'S A BUSINESS This is not a criticism it's a reality. Stop calling YouTube a job or your job.... YouTube is not a job.... it's a freelance enterprise or an actual business. There are huge differences, not only legally and from a tax standpoint, but also from a mentality standpoint in the way you approach it. If you treat YouTube like an after school job, it's going to be a problem if you ever want it to be more than that. Be sure to talk to a legal expert and tax expert about YouTube Taxes and how to setup your business and LLC as a YouTuber. AUDIO MUSIC & SOUND FX http://audioblocks.refr.cc/K9MSL3S JOIN CREATE AWESOME COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER http://goo.gl/EywY3S LISTEN TO THE PODCAST https://goo.gl/SEQmn8 GET A CREATE AWESOME SHIRT! http://goo.gl/lsr8uY SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE AWESOME https://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=robertoblake2 CONNECT WITH ME ONLINE http://robertoblake.com http://twitter.com/robertoblake http://facebook.com/robertoblake2 http://periscope.tv/robertoblake http://instagram.com/robertoblake Disclaimers: all opinions are my own, sponsors are acknowledge. Affiliates are: Amazon, BHPhotoVideo, MyFonts, 1and1, Bluehost and Lumoid.
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Text Comments (288)
Jamal_Bicho_Loco (15 days ago)
Does YouTube need your social security number?
John spike Explores (29 days ago)
I am a cdl driver of a tractor trailer but am creating a youtube channel I must have 34 hours off consecutive so my question is can anyone see when the video was recorded ik it shows when it was posted any info would help thx
Shoutouts&Gaming (1 month ago)
A business is a job dumbass u had one job
Kellies Kreations (1 month ago)
Thank you for the great advice
Nancy Markoff (1 month ago)
My channel was recently monetized. YouTube requested my tax information. I sent the name of the LLC exactly the way it is listed with the IRS and YouTube keeps responding that the information does not match IRS records. I have no idea what YouTube is looking for. It mentions withholding too. Do you know what form or tax information they need?
Tierion Skoglund (1 month ago)
what do if you are under the age of 18, in Canada where I live, we are not allowed to pay taxes until we are 18 so what do I do if you want to start a profitable youtube career
Negative Legend (2 months ago)
Super helpful, thanks.
memyselfandi (2 months ago)
2:27 what if a highly successful (someone who earns a lot of money on youtube) who lives in say Australia for example, do they also have to file an income tax return, so as to declare the income which they made and pay taxes in the United States ? The reason why I ask, is that I would imagine that there's possibly a whole lot of people from countries, other than the US, who are making quite a lot of money on youtube, and I've always wondered if they are required to file an income tax return in the country where that money was made, in this case the US. I've also wondered if these people ignore the fact that they probably have to file a tax return in the US, but they possibly ignore it because they live in a different country. In this case does the IRS chase these people for failing to pay their taxes ?
memyselfandi (2 months ago)
Sorry about that, thanks anyway, I was just curious that's all.
Roberto Blake (2 months ago)
It’s down to your local laws. Please ask an accountant, I’m not an expert on tax law or international law... This was a well intentioned comment but to be honest these questions just stress me out and may be why nobody bothers to make a video about this topic... If I had to do it over it would be a 5 minute video instructing you how to find a tax professional or accountant and why you need one and questions to ask them... I’m sorry if that comes off as harsh. But I honestly don’t understand why everyone interested in this doesn’t Google Search for a CPA and call them...
JAYJAY STUDIO (2 months ago)
What percentage does YouTube deduct from my payment
eRobb4 (2 months ago)
Very helpful insight, thank you.
TCMFGamesOFFICIAL (2 months ago)
You earned a like from that intro 👌🏽
Jedi (2 months ago)
Great info.. big brother always watching and when YouTube send you 1099 you had better do it and pay your taxes !
Brace Urself (3 months ago)
do you get paid for podcast? how much of the video does a person need to watch before you get paid? how much does you tube tax you on a video if it made let's say $500.00 for that month? I'm starting a YouTube channel myself soon and these are questions that I cannot get answered directly so if you can help answer these questions I'd appreciate it.
Zeek Street (3 months ago)
I just figured why go to any other YouTuber when I can get the concreit right here
Roberto Blake (3 months ago)
The Endless Daydream (3 months ago)
So after $400 you have to file for income taxes?
Remember Me (3 months ago)
Roberto brother. Just tell me pls if I don't pay tax on my small channel. Would that be a problem or nothing???? Because I don't want to
KCunlimitedEATS (4 months ago)
Hey stop throwing one dollar bills at me!
RUFFGIRL (4 months ago)
Thank you
monstersince (4 months ago)
if your content is shown overseas you have to pay their taxes pro rata. felix is wanted for $millions tax evasion. spooky when google uses earnst and young Dublin eh
ThatsTheWayWeRoll (5 months ago)
(Although you made this video 4 months ago) odd you should mention that! We were just discussing that exact topic yesterday. Was your video helpful? Yes, it was. All of your videos are always helpful. And we thank you.
JohnStax (5 months ago)
I love paying taxes. Support our country. We need a stronger military
Miriam Havard (6 months ago)
Pretty sure the answer is YES!!!!! It just seems to be common sense! 💁
Pablo Ribeiro (6 months ago)
When I monetised my account YouTube send me a letter telling me that I’m only receiving 55% on the money I make and the rest is for taxes and YouTube!! Is this right?!?! Do I have to pay anything else?
Doodle Notes II (7 months ago)
Hey thanks for this! May not be living in the US but your video did give me some insights. Thanks!
Jessica Oakley (7 months ago)
Great Info Roberto appreciate it a bunch. Lots of good info here.✊✔💯
Makayla (8 months ago)
Would minors on YouTube benefiting from Adsense have to pay taxes?
Roberto Blake (8 months ago)
You’d need to ask a Tax specialist
Basam Yousif (9 months ago)
I didn't understand the part about a "cutoff amount" ..... I have $366 do I report it ???
Carlos Acevedo (9 months ago)
What if u are 10 years old and be a youtuber do u still have to pay taxes
Matthew Schoonover (10 months ago)
Thanks Helped me understand
I'm Trent (10 months ago)
is this the same with donas like i only make money off of donas because im 15 and dont have ads on
The master: Gonzales (10 months ago)
But I'm ten
Samong Yang Outdoors (11 months ago)
About what time of the year will YouTube send the 1099 tax form or do you have to request them to send it in?
Rolyat Rocket (11 months ago)
I'm basically too afraid to even start earning on youtube because the solutions I've heard are to base it on what I earned last year - with an actual friggin job. Not expecting to earn nearly that much from youtube but I have no idea what to expect... if I get it wrong then I get penalized by the IRS. just heard that there may be excuses for 'reasonable' underpayments... no details on that though.
Inside Diane's Life (1 year ago)
I knew you had to pay taxes... I just wanted to hear it.  Do you need a business license for YouTube?  And if you are traveling... how would that work?
How is the process different for youtubers that have multiple people in their videos? For example my husband and I work on our gaming channel together, would we need to create an LLC in order to get paid and then set up taxes since it's both of us or can we just do it all through one of us? - Felia
Thanks so much for such a quick reply! We usually do our taxes ourselves but I guess it's time to get ourselves an accountant! XD Again thanks so much for the help!
Roberto Blake (1 year ago)
+The Nintendo Power Couple talk to your accountant or consult with Mid Atlantic CPAs
Truck Master (1 year ago)
My big concern is last year was my first time making over $600 on YouTube and I did not receive a 1099 in the mail. So I just told my tax accountant and she added the earned income in my taxes when I filled them. I hope I did the right thing
Dawn Lee (1 year ago)
Completely forgot about making sure to pay taxes on youtube channel..didn't make 600 this year but should be well over 1000 next year..appreciate the reminder
Create:YOU (1 year ago)
Hey Roberto - great video on the #Business side of things! VERY good stuff to think about and start planning for!
Sandra D Tv (1 year ago)
DostThouEvenDerp (1 year ago)
This video was very helpful!! I live in New York State and I am aware of the $600 tax threshold. I dont think I will even reach the ADSense threshold just yet. I have been a YouTube partner for all of 4 days now, I got the approval over the weekend and I have created more content in that space of time than I have in the last 6 months before becoming a partner! I currently only have 30 subscribers, but some of my videos have quite a lot of views. Some in the 200s, some in the 1000s and 1 that has broken 306k views over the last 2 years. Revenue will definitely be a trickle to say the least, but I am hopeful that I will eventually reach the AdSense threshold each month. Things can only go up from here thats for damn sure!!
The Pony Show (1 year ago)
awesome as always!! so clear and to the point! perfect!!
Bobby59 (1 year ago)
Do you need to create a business ie LLC in order to write off on your taxes?
Daniela Summer (1 year ago)
what the heck, i understand nothing.
Seth B (1 year ago)
Do you use your own social security number or set up an EIN number? Like you're separating yourself from your YouTube (your business). Do you have a Roberto Blake LLC?
Seth B (1 year ago)
It's "mo money, mo problems."
Fearless DAN (1 year ago)
Excellent video!
simpleetax (1 year ago)
Great job Roberto! Your video was not only informative but also provided great suggestions!
Samdotvlog (1 year ago)
Hi Robert. i had $470 earning from youtube then my youtube account been suspended. do still need to pay tax for that one.. I wanna cancel my adsense account now. is that ok to cancel my adsense.. do still need that 1099 thing.
Rolyat Rocket (11 months ago)
You definitely still need to report it, it seems like the $600 is the threshold but look up the threshold for self employment owing
SteamyWaffles (1 year ago)
Did anyone notice he threw out 5 bucks
TomTheGod (1 year ago)
What if you are in a network, does your network pay your taxes? (Mainly becouse i've never receaved a 1099 or anything along those lines)
MaliceInCandyland (1 year ago)
This video is a life saver.
SuperMechaFrieza (1 year ago)
So what if I only make like $100 a year on youtube, but I have another job.. I dont have to fill out a form for my youtube right? I'm so confused
goodieparade (1 year ago)
I'm a new subscriber! Love your Channel!!!
CMDude (1 year ago)
If you are a YouTuber that has over 1 million subscribers and you don't monotize your videos so you don't earn money so do you still pay taxes?
Rolyat Rocket (11 months ago)
No, if you have no adsense account and are not earning anything there is nothing to tax... you have no self-employment with youtube.
TheTechAudiophile (1 year ago)
Cmdude no
Jonytobi (1 year ago)
I have so much problems with getting paid on youtube. Tax, how can i fill that? I dont know how to fill it right. And the pin system, you have to get a pin from the mail. Nobody talks about this stuff is fustrating, i have money on hold and is killing me i feel like all my work is for nothing. i need help with these things please.
LATINSWAGG (1 year ago)
were in the same boat
Kimmy Designs (1 year ago)
When your the 666 like....
SupItsIgor (1 year ago)
I thought YouTube was this magic place that sends you money for views 😅
The Sim Minecrafter (1 year ago)
Thanks for the info. It helps a lot, and I don't seem to make enough to pay taxes yet anyway, 10-20c a month. I haven't even been paid yet. But still thanks for the heads up and clarity.
King V O X (1 year ago)
I feel like you've been wanting to throw those ones for a long time, ^_^
Living it Country (1 year ago)
I just started a YouTube Channel ( my husband also has one that is based off of his landscaping business) My question is do I need a business licence for my youtube channel. Also since I am new I don't make any money. I have been getting products in trade for having them in my video. Do I have to claim those items as gifts or how does that work? Thanks so much!
Products Geek (1 year ago)
what forms do I use?
Hi...if i make less than 500 do i still need to report it?
hey roberto loved this topic and video. my main question is last year i made only $102 with adsense but they never sent me a form. my tax is setup through youtube when i became a creator. so am still confused why i never got the form, since you mentioned they send you a form
Ryan Scribner (1 year ago)
Thanks for this, very helpful!
Homiehomemaker (1 year ago)
This was helpful and informative. I am interested in reading those books you mentioned. I am in no way shape or form making big bucks. However, in the past few months I have seen a large influx of subscribers and views. I'm thinking about taking this channel a bit more seriously. Thanks for the info!
Senya (1 year ago)
so you only pay taxes when you make over $500?
Jorge Calvillo (1 year ago)
Thank you Roberto! This helps :)
Romancing the Impulse (1 year ago)
I am a first time youtuber and this video helped a lot! Thanks!!
TheJose Jr (1 year ago)
If you sell merchandise on your channel would that income be reported too?
TheJose Jr (1 year ago)
Ahh thanks so much !!
Roberto Blake (1 year ago)
+TheJose Jr yes
viking213 (1 year ago)
Can you tell us about taxes on affiliate marketing incomes?
viking213 (1 year ago)
Roberto Blake okay sir thanks for the reply have an awesome day
Roberto Blake (1 year ago)
+viking213 it's the same thing
jon D (1 year ago)
Roberto, your videos are beyond insightful. thank you so much for the amazing content every time.
J Bontregor (1 year ago)
It was a good start, but ended too soon. More details on the proper filing, what to do with the 1099, etc.
Roberto Blake (1 year ago)
That's as much as I am allowed to say since I'm not a certified tax preparer
Cookiewhisper5 (1 year ago)
I have a question, seeing that I'm starting my own youtube channel If I do not file in the " United States tax info " would I not get paid even if I sign up for adsense and put ads in my videos?
Cookiewhisper5 (1 year ago)
+Roberto Blake I live in the United states in New York
Roberto Blake (1 year ago)
+Cookiewhisper5 you'd need to ask a CPA or Tax preparer since I don't know your local laws and tax codes...
Kenjima Methods (1 year ago)
I live in australia, can anyone help me?
Kabloosh (1 year ago)
I have monetization set up. And I'm only 14.
CPA Strength (1 year ago)
Roberto, as a CPA who prepares tax returns, and gets a 1099 from google, i think this video was full of good & helpful tax information !!!
darealshikoh A (1 year ago)
Make it RAIN
4K Gaming & Tutorials (1 year ago)
+Roberto Blake, My channel is very small. So, therefore I make less than $100 from monetization. However, I have bought countless things to help make my youtube channel become, look and sound more high-quality(Cameras, Microphone, capture card, etc.) so can I report what I've made, according to AdSense, and enter these equipment costs as deductibles? If so, how can I do that, and if not, how come?
Joe Mellon (1 year ago)
Remember with a 1099 you will also have to do a schedule SE (self employment) this is where you will pay your social security taxes.  Also remember the self employed tax rate (which is what you will be unless you are a corp) is 15%.  So if you make say 5000 you will be paying 15% of that and any fees for filing late because if you are self employed you are expected to file quarterly.
Roberto Blake (1 year ago)
+Joe Mellon again assuming you are in the United States
Hidden Knowledge (1 year ago)
Roberto Blake you still take the time to reply to most comments even with over 200k followers?
Roberto Blake (1 year ago)
When I can, it's not exactly easy at this point. Less due to subscriber count and more to do with traveling every month and running the business full time.
Hidden Knowledge (1 year ago)
This video helped, I had been thinking about it. Since I just started generating income on YouTube this year. This is the first time, I'm going to be doing taxes as a content creator.
Thank you for this video, I actually didnt know this
Empolo (1 year ago)
Hey Roberto! I've binge wached through all of your content and its really awesome and informative. Can you make a video on beat-channels like mine? There are a lot of people with beat channels but there arent any videos on them. I'd like to know how to strategize the channel since you can generally only make 3-5 minute videos. Thanks.
SoloArt Studio (1 year ago)
Thanks again
MK Flav (1 year ago)
Great Video, I am a freelance videographer for a few wedding companies, am i still my own business ?
RedBlueTalk (1 year ago)
Hey this was great, one of your best ever.
Vanessa Blanco (1 year ago)
Please do a similar that goes in depth on what you can and can't write off thank you
Joe Mellon (1 year ago)
To much to list:  home office space ( do you use a room in your apt or house that is for business only), supplies for office( copy paper, pens paper clips), supplies for business (lets say you do exercise videos you can write off any clothes you wear while making the video, makeup), postage, cell phone if used for business only, car mileage to get to clients, meals for clients.  The list goes on and on.
Roberto Blake (1 year ago)
+Vanessa Blanco can't actually do that, you have to talk to a tax person like a CPA for that...
331slash (1 year ago)
this is def something that needs to be talked about, great vid.
shikamaru nara (1 year ago)
i like how professional your videos are , i have been Watching videos on YouTube for a long time now, and just when i want to check if something obvious in the description , its not there ...with many channels that i like , yet on your channel that is not the case i find things in the description and even thing i dont lol ... anyway this was a great video
shikamaru nara (1 year ago)
btw does giving money to charity as a youtuber effect how much taxes you pay?
ive been searching for this answer for months. love your content and channel
Thanks for all the youtube tips. I just started my channel and find your channel very helpful. Your ideas actually gave me the idea to start doing my own youtube help videos. Thanks for everything.
Chef Jelly (1 year ago)
Great information for beginners like me, thanks !!!
Tech life channel (1 year ago)
At the beginning keep about 10% to the side .. when you grow bigger pay taxes quarterly
MK Flav (1 year ago)
Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Ochoa (1 year ago)
can you make a kenner logo
My channel is a religion, for tax purposes.
The government is a business partner that doesn't provide you any capital, share any of the risk, but takes it's share regardless of how successful you are
Siotha Vest (2 months ago)
just wait till you're 65 and want to retire - medicare is your health insurance... unless you budgeted $1500 a month to care for you and your significant other upon retirement.
Randall Dusang (1 year ago)
I mean you are conducting business in their countries, being protected under their laws. The law of not being put in prison for debt is a major one. By agreeing to live in, conduct business, and be governed by this nation, you agreeing to abide by the social contract. Unfortunately, in order to pay for the military and the ability to enforce the laws of the United States, taxes are required.
Tatiana G (1 year ago)
I really appreciate that you take so much time in your comment section. Your videos are very educational, but going through the comments you respond to helps answer questions I never knew I had. Thanks again; keep up the good work!
This was new for me because I never thought about once I got started I'd have to pay taxes on it, not only did I not think about it but I wasn't even aware of it wow thanks a lot because I wouldn't want any problems...
EposVox (1 year ago)
Gary's AskGaryVee book was gold for me

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